Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Get up!

I have been listening to some Christian podcasts and I wanted to share what they have said.  The speaker is Steven Sexton - if you don't know Steven Sexton and have never heard of Brookhill Ranch Camp before - I encourage you to check it out!  Some of my fondest memories have been at that camp in Hot Springs Arkansas.  God is moving at that camp.

Anyways in the passage he speaks on is about Joseph in Genesis.  What Steven says in this podcast is that

"Nothing productive happens when you stop, quit, or have a pity party!  That is for real.

All of us can relate to being hit hard and wanting to throw our hands up and saying we are through! We have all been there.  Sometimes I think that my problems are so big that I can't keep going.  Just today I was praying about an issue going on in my life and I just needed to cry, and my sister Molly Anne looked at my and told me to stop crying that it wasn't helping.

Why do we cry?  Today was a perfectly great day - it started out with a great conversation with this guy I'm dating and then he just stopped texting.  Why is that such a big deal.  Well it was.  And that's when I started crying.  I didn't want to lose it.  I don't want him to stop liking me and I am so excited about this godly relationship and I can't fathom and realize that he likes me right now.

It is faith.  Everything that is going on in our lives with face challenge and adversity.  Every dream is tested by pain - because in order to get the dream that God has planted in your life - you have to walk in discomfort.

Sometimes you have to walk alone - dreams don't just happen.  You have to get them... through the pain.  Joseph went through some pain in order to get the life and the reward that God had for him.

God has something great for all of us today. And we must hold our breath, pray, and put our heads down and keep trekking because at the next check point there is a prize, a reward, from God - for you!

Today was not a Nehemiah day...

But tomorrow is coming!
Sweet Serendipity!