Saturday, December 24, 2011

Jesus is here for a change!!!

I went to church tonight and this was the sermon. I think it is appropriate for Christmas Eve! Enjoy and be inspired!

The journey of the wise men:
What are the changes that Jesus wants to make in your life?
If we don't make changes it kills us!! It kills the joy happiness fulfillment et ..

Jesus changes what I look for:
Matthew 2:9
The star they had seen stopped over the place...
They were not expecting a stable!
You might have those stable moments: when u don't think you are headed where u r supposed to be headed - but Jesus had a different ending then they thought. But when you trust and have faith inGod the ending will be right.

Job said the lord gives and the lord takes away! Blessed bethe name of the Lord. Job knew to look for God. The wise men looked for God. They expected a mansion and found a stable. What r u looking for? Jesus comes to change what u r looking for.

Jesus changes what I give to God.
Matthew 2:11
They gave their best. What did they give? Meaning it was the most expensive gift they could find. If we dont get what we were looking for we hold back. But they gave more!!! Galations 4:4. The fullness of time. In the most perfect time in YOUR LIFE! God sent Jesus for you!!

If you keep doing the same things and dealing with the same problems - if you allow Jesus to change something in your life you will start seeing a different outcome...

Jesus changes our DIRECTION!!

Change is needed to open ourselves up to god to change things in our life!! Matthew 2:12 warned in a dreAm.... ANOTHER ROUTE!

Another direction proved to be life giving it saved Jesus life!! See Jesus is just God with skin. God wanted to understand and relate to you -that's why he came! To be able to relate to God. That's how much god loves you!!

Story of a baby who would save the world forever

What changes do u need to make?? What r u chasing that is still leaving u empty..

You can lose everything chasing NOTHING!!

Don't head your life in the wrong direction!!

Change direction and allow God to change your endings and outcome.
Accept believe commit!! Its so easy to Change your ending !!

This is the best time. Do it now!!
-Mark Evans Rock Creek Church!

If you don't know Jesus pray this prayer: right now. Tonight is the best night to do it!

"I know it's not an accident I'm here tonight. I want you. Forgive me for my mistakes, my sins, and I do believe you are God and you died on a cross for me. Thank you! I want to commitmh life to yu right now. You are the best christmas present ever!! I love you."

Go find a purpose and meaning in your life!! Do it today! Don't wait until jan 1! Change your life today! Fall in love with Jesus!!! Live out HIS ENDING FOR YOUR LIFE.

Merry CHRISTmas!

Here are some onstage and from my Christmas Eve!


- stud cousin Alex

My grandfather papa doc and me at the service!!

Christmas tree at my aunts house! After the service we went to her house for chili!

Me and my daddy!! I love him :)

My little sister Laura Leigh passed out while watching Home Alone 2!!

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!!!

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Girls Night Out!!

On Tuesday I invited the girls that competed in Miss Arkansas 2011 in July over to my house for a Christmas get together.  I didn't know how it would go over because it is Christmas Break, girls are busy working, and it was in the middle of the week.  However, we had a great group of about 8 that came over.  

I had planned to go do something for the Salvation Army, but they wanted to split us up and we wanted to do something together.  So of course - what did I think about doing...

you guessed it - we made CUPCAKES!!!  My mom had the great idea to take the cupcakes to Hospitals around Little Rock, not to the patients, but to the families that were in the waiting room.

We had a blast running up and down the elevators to the different waiting rooms and seeing all of the families that were there.  It was so rewarding!!  We spent the whole day making cupcakes for the party and decorated our house for the party with wrapping paper and christmas food.  I went and picked up chip-fil-a nuggets and mom made these delicious Turkey Sandwiches on Hawaiian Bread!  Let me tell you if you haven't had Hawaiian Bread you are MISSING out!

We had some of Mom's Speccial Spinach Dip and then of course Reindeer Trash!!  Which is pretzels, cheerios, m&m's, and chex all melted together with White Chocolate!  It is soo good.  We nearly ate the whole batch!

At the Hospital I met a little boy named Jack in the lobby.  He had Autism.  As you know - my heart is so full of love and joy for children that have disabilities.  I think I ended up giving him and hs grandmother like 4 cupcakes!  haha.  He was so precious.  I talked to him for what seemed like a brief second, but I think it was more like 5 minutes.  I asked him about Santa, and the big tree in the lobby, and of course the cupcakes!  He was so animated and that one conversation made my whole night worth while.

My mom was the funniest in the bunch.  She went with us to take all of the pictures, but she introduced Kristen to EVERYBODY in the waiting rooms of thr Hospital!  We were in the elevator with some med flight pilots and she just started a conversation and said you are a lucky man, you are in the elevator with Miss Arkansas!  Are we mother and daughter or what!!

We were supposed to go ice skating after the Hospital Visits, but with Kristen we didn't want any broken bones, instead we came back to my house and played Boxers or Briefs for 3 hours!  Now it seems  like a dirty game.  But it's not!  It is a funny game to play with your friends and is very similar to Apples to Apples.  It was so funny to see the girls react to the cards they were being given by everybody.  You see, the person who is it roles the dice and it lands on a color.  Then everybody else looks at their cards and reads the sentence that is the color of the rolled dice.  After you read your cards - you choose the card that best represents the person who rolled the dice.  It was hilarious! It made for some great conversation.

Some great conversation that eventually led to the demise of the game and the start of conversation that lasted until 2 am in the morning!  Needless to say - we had a great time and it was so good to see Kristen and be able to encourage her and give her our support before she leaves for Miss America in 2 weeks!

So tune in to ABC the second weekend in January to see who is crowned as the next Miss America!  In my opinion - Kristen has a great shot!  She was so sweet to come and see us and spend time,during her busy schedule and her preparation for Miss America!

I hope you have a great Christmas!

From the Girls at Miss Arkansas!!

It was a good night!

charmed bliss

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Can You Do It Too?

I came across a pin the other day on Pinterest.  (if you are not apart of this viral online database of pictures then I urge you... DO IT!) The pin reminded me of something that I think we lose track of sometimes - we are women made in the image of God and by that we are to follow and seek him earnestly every day.  

Is this how I live?  I try.  Honestly.  I mean I read the best self help books, I watch tons of online sermons, and I have that daily bible study that makes me daily evaluate myself and my walk with God.  

I am saying all of this to say - I am no where near where I need to be with God.  You can walk the steps, do the right things - but I don't think I am really I mean REALLY hidden in God.  

Do men really have to seek God to find me - or I am so crazed by the Hollywood depiction of love, marriage, relationships, and kids that I will settle for anyone?  That is a question that stirs in my heart every time I see this picture or see the words on twitter.  It seems to be a popular pick-me-up phrase that all of the Quote twitters seem to use... DAILY.  

It is the advent season - which means that we are preparing ourselves for something big to happen... 


So how can we prepare for this?  We get so "wrapped" up in the season and the presents (I know you know where I am going with this) - that we forget that Mary is pregnant... she is two weeks from being due... she is about to have a baby that will grow up to save the world - And how are we preparing?  We are buying gifts, throwing parties, and completely forgetting about this baby that is probably kicking Mary in the side and keeping her up at night on her road to Bethlehem.  

Can you imagine what it would be like if instead of all of this Holiday Season stuff we decided to focus on Jesus? 

Get ready... the baby is coming.

So this is what I am going to urge you to do.  


I was reading the other day about giving up technology for the week before Christmas to completely focus on this baby.  Really understand what Mary was going through.  

We spend so much time a day watching tv, going through Pinterest, listening to music, shopping online, or just wasting time with meaningless garbage (texting).  

So how do you really get rid of this?  A week - is a little long.  But I urge you to try to do Christmas Eve Eve, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.  I understand that the phone is necessary to communicate especially if you are throwing parties and such on those days. START MAKING EXCUSES NOW.

I am only asking you for 48 hours to turn the phone off.  Unplug the tv - and spend some time with your family, deep conversation, and just worshipping God and just trying to understand the complexity and the magnitude of the birth that is about to happen.  

Tell your friends, post on Facebook and twitter - I will be turning off my technology December 23-25 to focus on the Savior's Birth.  Do it!  See if you can.

I am calling this Christmas Contemplation because if you really think about it - by taking out all of the excess noise and distractions you are focusing and contemplating on christmas.  As Christians - we should already be doing this.  So post this before the 23 and see if you can go 2 days with family without your phone and technology.  

Allow God to work.  Allow him to move during this season of advent and this birth.  

try it.

don't make excuses.