Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Whatcha Want Wednesdays: Home Edition

Home is where my Family is.  

I am learning a lot about my family these days.  A lot of it has to do with how close my natural family is and how involved we are in each others lives.  However, I am growing up which means I won't always live in my mother's house or be able to go to pancake breakfast at Grandmary's and Papa's - which looked so fun by the way.  

I am learning that my "family" is wherever I am.  It doesn't necessarily mean that my "family" is my crazy Gosser family - it means that it might consist of all different ages and types of people.  And I am learning to accept that.  

This is my family: We are huge and we love each other.  They are a bunch of crazy people and we have soo much fun together! I could probably do an entire blog (like everyday and all the time post) about them!   I love them so much!!!!!! 

And this is my Waco family.  

They are crazy and from all parts of the United States, but I miss them!  I love them so much and I think that my last semesters at Baylor, I took them for granted.  But that doesn't mean I can't go back.  That is what family does - they accept your faults and love you anyways.  These are some of my best friends in Waco and I can't wait to get back!!!

They sent me this during my week at Miss Arkansas.  They all have my buttons and are supporting me all of the way from Baylor.  [I am crying as I am writing this right now] Not only because I miss them - but because I want desperately to be back with them living life and loving every minute of it.  These are some of the greatest people I know!!

So now that I have already cried this morning... I want to tell you about my home.  My home where one day I will have my own family - and what I want in it!! haha

How great is this Laundry room.  I love that it has everything in it.  A desk, pictures, hooks, table tops, shelves, and the best a bench!  I know that benches are usually used to put things on - but in this case it would be a great way to divide up laundry so everyone could pick up there own and not dig through all of the laundry.  

Please tell me these pictures are not the cutest things ever!! In the foyer or greeting hall by the front door - I think that these canvas prints are a great idea!!!  I can't wait to do it.  

I also love this front door monogram.  Of course I am getting one of these ASAP - when I get married.  I think it would be fun to have a monogram bridal shower.  That would be beneficial in my opinion , especially if the bride loves monograms!!!

Can we say yes please.  To the walls.  The the bedding.  To the light.  To the picture above the bed. To the windows.  To the simplicity.  I love it!  I do not however like the computer in the room, the waste of space bed side table or the orange chair.  I would add a bench at the end and maybe bed posts on the bottom and top of the bed!  But this room definitely makes me happy :)   And then above - I love this ironing board.. it will fit nicely into my bright fun simply laundry room!  I love it!!


Thursday, September 20, 2012


No it is not New Years or even my birthday.  I am not trying to lose weight or change my behavior.  
It isn't Lent or a religious holiday - it is simply time to realize what God has in store for each of us.

This resolution reminds me that men are out there that are solid, strong, and bold in their faith.  These men know the importance of obedience to God's will and the love for their wife like Jesus and His bride.  

These men learn from their mistakes, answer to God, and my favorite...

LEAD their family in the law of the Lord and in forgiveness, integrity, and to honor authority. 

These are the characteristics of a man of God.  

And if I didn't know any better, I would be describing my future husband.  So if I am 24 or 34 - It doesn't matter, because those who wait patiently on the Lord shall be praised!  

This is my first Thought Provoking Thursday - and I hope you have enjoyed it because there will be more to come.  And I have never been so filled with Joy in my life.  I am also doing the James study by Beth Moore and I cannot wait to see what God has planned.  My first week - I met some incredible women of God.  It is so neat how God places people of all ages and stages, but yet some how we are all on the same road.  We are all struggling with some of the same issues and because of that... we have each other - and God has placed each other in each other's lives for 


Monday, September 17, 2012

Mid Day Munchie!!

Enjoy this little piece of sweetness!

Mafia Monday

If I haven't told you already - I love my family! And that family is sometimes referred to as the mafia because there are so many of us!! But I love it and would not trade it for anything!!

My cousin Alex just signed with the Razorbacks for baseball!! Obviously I'm ecstatic! My dreams are finally coming true. Haha Naa I'm finding that im a little old for college kids now. Out to the working world. I went to his football game Friday and had a blast!! It was raining but that didn't hold us back!! Check it out:

This is my cousin Trey - Alex brother!!! He is an incredible drummer and very talented in all things music!!

At halftime - we got a little crazy!!!!!!! Haha mom and I had a mini photoshoot!

Alex after the game!! He is such a stud!!

My charging wildcats shirt! I stole it from Laura Leigh!! I am amazed it fit!

Today I am working from home because UCA athletic department is moving to a brand new beautiful facility! I am loving working there and can see myself doing operations somewhere someday ( u of a? Baylor? Idk!!!!)

I am trusting the Lord with that. Like David says in Psalms 23 - the Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want. Shepherds steer their sheep - and so is the Lord steering me!

Here are a couple of pictures of Kids Club from Saturday!! It was a blast!!

Aren't we twins!! Haha love Baylor!!

And now that we are talking about Baylor.... My guys played awesome Saturday night and fought hard against Sam Houston!! They won with the help of KJ's interception!! And Aaron Jones became the all time leading scorer in Baylors history!
So proud of my boys!!

Have a great day!!!!!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

For Love of the....Game

Guys - I am terrible at this blog thing.  But here I am.  I am officially doing it now!

Most people know that I am currently at Baylor University getting my master's in Sports Management - and for some reason people are always surprised by that interesting fact.  It could be because when I attempted to play sports in high school... I sat the bench.  Or it could be that when I run this is how I feel ::

When people think about Sports Management - they think athletic, coaching, in shape, or even professional athlete.  I, however, I am none of the above.  So why am I Sports Management?  Because I love sports.  My favorite of the sports:  Baseball.  That sport, more than any other, raises more questions because it is often associated with being the longest, most boring sport - yet, it is and has been my favorite.  

I decided to answer the most popular question - how did you start to love sports... namely baseball..

So here is my TOP 10!

10.  Spirit

There is nothing better then a school or a team with a lot of spirit.  Not only does spirit provide a sense of connection with the team and the players - but it is the soul of the sport.  It also provides an outlet for my credit card and shopping habits.  I experienced this first with my first love:  St. Louis Cardinals and then my growing up with the Arkansas Razorbacks everything is Red and White and Woo Pig and so connected to the university.  I love seeing someone in another state with a razorback shirt on - you immediately know that you will have one thing in common... spirit.    

9.  My Dad

When my parents got divorced I made a decision to start involving myself with things that my dad liked so that I could do something with him that he enjoyed and would enjoy doing with me.  That included going to Cardinals and Razorback games.  I started teaching myself about the sports and wanted to be able to carry a conversation with him - so I learned, and overtime sports became apart of my life and something I loved!  

8. Dedication

It amazes me how much time and effort and dedication athletes put into things.  Watch this video. 

When I first watched this video I cried.  I know it's crazy - but the drama, the emotion, and the willpower behind training for an event for 4 years is something to admire.  And I admire the dedication of athletes, and it makes me want to get involved and be involved.  

7. SportsCenter

There is no other tv show or station on television that provides as much drama and as much entertainment than ESPN.  I love it.  At first, SportsCenter overwhelmed me because I had no idea about most of the things they talked about.  But then I figured it out.  The lightbulb went off!  If you follow the scroll on the Left on the tv - it shows you what they are talking about and in the order they talk about it!  Every show should have that.  It keeps you intrigued.  If I see something baseball in 4 minutes - I am going to continue to watch it.  It also doesn't drag out - they talk and move on!  The best of both worlds.

6.  History

The history of sport has been my favorite class in grad school.  Learning about how Aristotle, Plato, Socrates all believed that sport was crucial to the development of a person - excites me.  I am already a history nerd.  I love learning about what people did to survive and how they fought for their lives and livelihood.  I would like to think that we are still a generation who does that - but sometimes I doubt that.  But even with the turmoil in the world - sport remains the same.  Dirt, jerseys, and sweat all combine to give the 

5. The Athlete Persona

This is a lot like Dedication.  However, athlete's act differently.  It is something that I want so badly. And is #2 on my list - so keep reading.  But one of my good friends played soccer in college.  She is so funny but so dedicated and I love that (#8).  But the thing that makes the athlete persona different - is they live and breathe their sport.  They live and breathe to be on the field playing, to eat healthy, work out in off season, and to strive to be the best at what they do.  They have this drive and this determination to win and to compete and push themselves beyond what typical people do.  That encourages me.  That is why I love sports.  That persona makes me want to be an athlete however, I am not.  But thats why I am involved.  

4. My Family

Every boy in my family, plays a sport - my cousin Alex recently got signed to play baseball for the Razorbacks next year.  I grew up around the game.  I love the game.  And I love my family - so I was always around. 
3. For Love of the Game

It's a perfect display of both handwork, dedication, love of the game, and love of the girl.  It's my perfect movie - and in 1999 when it made its debut - I loved it.  I love sports and I love romance.  Even though the scenes with Kelly Preston are kind of cheesy and definitely prolong the perfect baseball scenes and Kevin Costner's date with destiny on the mound on Yankee field - it is still a great movie - if you allow yourself to look past the terrible acting and love the game that is depicted.  (I also love that Kevin cries at the end - it is a perfect portrayal of the heart of an athlete - which I admire so much!)  This movie only made those two stronger - and is probably why the only guys I have ever dated - have been baseball players.       I decided to broaden horizons after my prince charming became to famous to even consider me.... haha - I know I know, David Freese, is probably so caught up in himself to date right now - I am not holding my breath.  If you haven't seen this movie - GO SEE IT.  It will open your eyes to my LOVE OF THE GAME.

2. My Desire

I have tried every thing when it comes to playing sports.  I tried Golf, I tried basketball and even Powderpuff football.  I was terrible.  All of them.  I want so badly to be athletic.  Yet, that is not the gift God gave me.  So - I decided to get involved in creating an atmosphere that people learn to love sports and love the game.  If I can help the sport become entertaining and attractive to all people - I have done my job.  Don't ask about these pictures - I am so dumb.  

1. The Language

There is something that I love about knowing that K's stand for strikeouts and that in a small box you can depict every single action that happens in a play.  I love the language of sports.  The way that sportscasters talk about the athletes, the competition, the plays... I love it!  I live for their dissection of every play.  I also think it is incredible how so many athletes come together during the Olympics every 4 years and are able to compete beyond their language barriers.  To see 8 different flags in the pool or 4 different countries represented on the bars and beams in gymnastics, or even the different languages represented in basketball or wrestling.  Sport.  Something that will continue to bring the world together beyond political and governmental controversy.  

Sport Transcends language, countries, cultures, and people.  Its about competition, it's about the love of the game and dedication that you as an athlete put into succeeding and reaching goals you never thought were possible.  

That is why i love sport.  

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Blog Mapping!

I have decided I want to start blogging more.  Sometimes I want to blog and have nothing to say (shocker I know) and sometimes I am just frustrated with all of the ideas running wild in my head and I don't even know where to begin.  So  I am going to stick to this regime!  Hoping that it works! Hope you enjoy my weeks ahead!

Check back this afternoon to see my first blog... whatcha want wednesday!