Monday, February 24, 2014

Wanna know what I think...

I guess I already know the answer to my own question.  If you are reading this, you do want to know what I think - and I think that is a pretty cool thought.  I read a lot of blogs and a lot of blogs lately have been advertising things and girls have been writing about products or companies they use and they flat out say I'm getting paid for this post - and most of the time we don't even need you to tell us - we know.   Then there are those bloggers who link up every which way to big name bloggers just to get people to read their blog and to "feel popular" (I feel sorry for those girls).  I could are less - 18 or 118 people reading my blog, I think it's pretty interesting.  But that isn't what this post is about. 

This post is about what I like.  And yes, I like boys and weight loss, pageants, and cupcakes - which is kind of a contradiction.  But one of my first loves is….SPORTS. And I want to start writing more of that.  I know a lot of you are probably friends and family and might be confused about my job, or why I am in sports - or that there is even a sports industry just as big as an accounting industry or a law industry… it's huge! And I want to start commenting on them.  Who knows… you might learn something :)

Before I start posting about sports, I will let you know how I am doing on my challenges.  The challenge I am probably the most proud about is my challenge to learn the guitar - I have learned.  I am as good as probably I want to be, but I am still going to lessons because you can't ever learn too much.  

The challenge I am doing the worst on is probably everything else.  I am failing miserably.  But that is why they are challenges and not resolutions.  Because I can always continue to challenge myself!  And that is what I am doing.  So let me flat out say it: I am failing to lose weight (which I cannot afford to fail at any longer because I MUST fit into the size dress that I have ordered on a specific date).  I am failing at abstaining from everything love related (Valentine's Day was HARD - or coming off of Valentine's Day). I am failing at not eating sweets (again Valentine's Day was hard and one of my very best friend's the other day reminded me that Starburst Jelly Beans are now IN SEASON).  

Let me just pause.  I could write an entire blog post on Starburst Jelly Beans. 

I am failing at… wait - did I cover everything?  Yes.  ha. I am just failing. 

But I am going to challenge myself ONE DAY AT A TIME to do better. 

Enough of that.  

I would love to hear from the few of you that read my blog about different sports topics you might be interested in.  In the super near future, I am going to blog on topics such as sports teams asking people to turn off cell phones in arenas, the importance of a human factor in sports, my love for the olympics and AMERICA, and is there a need to better technology in sports.  Do you have any topics?  Are you interested?  Maybe you aren't.  I don't care. I want to write about this and it's my blog. Get over it :)

Enjoy your week! Be back soon


Saturday, February 15, 2014

February 14th

This dreaded day, also happens to be my favorite holiday.  I know exactly what you are thinking… WHY! is this most overrated, dramatic, and stupidly expensive holiday your favorite?  Because those three words describe me to a tee.  I mean a tee. 

But you really want to know why… because I LOVE LOVE.  Dugh.  But as a single girl it can be hard, but my day wasn't really that bad.  Most of the day, I spent day-dreaming and living vicariously through my married, engaged, and in-love counterparts on various social media outlets (social media is the perfect way to live vicariously through someone.  

Before you send me a message saying "you fell off the wagon!!!"… (in regards to my 6 months of romantic abstinence) I thought it would only be fair that I not exclude myself from the holiday altogether - but moreover I immerse myself in the holiday and practice self-control and MIND-control.  

One thing I really struggle with is being a FRIEND to guys.  I am constantly asking myself "is he the one" "could I see myself with him… what about him" "is he cute?" "Oh, I could work with that" DUMB DUMB DUMB!

Recently, I have been noticing that those questions are not what pops to my head.  Recently, I haven't cared.  Recently, I have just been able to be friends with guys.  It's amazing! How after only 50 days (almost) on this "cleanse" I am noticing a change.  

So yesterday was a test.  I was testing myself to see if I could watch a romantic comedy and not immediately go to my cell and text my sister and bash love or romance or wonder, why isn't that me.  

And guess what… I didn't!  In fact, I text one of my good friends and discussed the reality of a fairytale love.  Most of the Hallmark movies are based around women who are 28 or older.  None are 24 and trying to find a career.  Most are older, already several years in their career and living alone.  

Guess what… that is me in a couple of years.  Living alone and working hard in my career.  

It WILL happen to me. One day. And I can't wait. 

So Valentine's Day was great!  I still love love, but am working on waiting. :)


Oh, and no I will not be watching anymore rom coms!  I am going back to my Law and Order:SVU and NCIS reruns… but for the time being - I'm watching the OLYMPICS!!!!