Wednesday, January 30, 2013

beginning to look a lot like.... HOME!!!

I have been diligently working on my little home and am becoming very please with how it is turning out.  Here are some pictures from my house along with some DIY that I still want to do.  Note - I am STILL not finished1  But I am getting close!!

This is a DIY that I want to do to the picture above my bed (look below).  I want to paint the picture white and then pull the letter off?  Have you seen that on Pinterest... I will post a DIY post when I get finished with it - when I actually do it.  haha

The most recent purchase I made is the nice antique buffet in the background of this picture.  My TV is a 39 inch - so you can kind of get the just of how big the buffet is.  I can't wait to stock my cabinet with games and blankets!  That is when you know that you are super homey! :)

I don't know if I have posted this picture or not - but this is my "dining area" and I am currently looking for a cute wooden saying/plaque to go under the pictures.  I think I have posted about that table before - but I also got it at this Antique store in Waco called Junque in the Trunk!  Go and check it out on Facebook.  She uploads new pictures every Thursday night because they are only open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!  I am super excited about a new piece she is building me for my bathroom!  I will be sure and post about that as soon as I get it!

This is my kitchen area.  I think it looks like the coziest part of my apartment.  I love all of my kitchen accessories!  From left to right: I have a knife set (great christmas present), a Mini Keurig!  LOVE IT!!  behind my stove is a Cupcake cutting board - can't forget that, a then I have some pictures and canisters holding my flour and stuff ( i think I posted about those too) and then of course my crown above my sink and a cute board that says imagine to the far right!  I love my little kitchen area!

Here is another picture of my buffet and then my coffee table that is made of old barn wood.  I have recently bought some chalk paint and am going to paint it soon!   YAY!!!

Here is Baylor enjoying the homey-ness of my apartment in his new Baylor Jersey!  Is he not the cutest little thing!  For those of you who don't know, that is my old stuffed animal that Baylor has confiscated.  And yes that stuffed animal is a nice stuffed animal from Anthro. If I try and take it away - he sniffs it out like a Police Dog sniffing out drugs and whimpers until he get it.  Is that bad - that I give in!  AHHHH He is super spoiled!

Here is my bedroom with the picture that I want to paint over and DIY with a quote.  I have gotten some new pillows in since last time I blogged.  What do y'all think?  I have really enjoyed my cozy TINY room!  Even though I can barely move when I am in there!!

Below is my bathroom - I have added the ladder to hold my towels on and I actually really like it!  I am waiting for the shutter shelf piece for above my toilet and hanging my curtains.  Dad is supposed to be coming in next week - so Hopefully I will get it done by then!

I have really enjoyed decorating my place - now I just hope that I can stay here.  That being said - for all of my blog followers that pray - I need prayer.  Some stuff has happened at work and I need some prayers that something opens up in theAthletic Department in August.  If not, pray that something opens up period.

Y'all are amazing!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My new obsession... [STICKYgrams]

A couple of months ago I was on instagram and saw someone #stickygrams.  I wanted to know what all of the fuss was about so I went to  I was amazed.  They connect to your instagram account and make magnets out of your favorite instagram pictures.

A couple of months ago I was on instagram and saw someone #stickygrams.  I wanted to know what all of the fuss was about so I went to  I was amazed.  They connect to your instagram account and make magnets out of your favorite instagram pictures.

There are 9 on a "page" so you have to pick at least 9.  I filled up 9 pages!  So I have 81 magnets now of my favorite people, places and things.

They have completely flood my refrigerator but it's a great way to make the fridge look homey, and not only that - being 6 hours away from my family, it's a great reminder of who loves me and who is constantly praying for me.

Here are some of my favorites!  This one is my uncle at Disney World last August doing his infamous duck face!  Gosh I miss his goofy self and always wise intellectual insight to my life. Then there is Aunt Leigh Anna at a NLR football game last fall!  I miss both of them so much even though I talk to both of them constantly.  They are my second mom and dad!  I love them so much and I'm so blessed to have such an influential family!  One that is always there for me!

I know I was a big blogger last year when I first moved to school and I know I was constantly complaining and whining and praying that God would change my physical location or change my heart.

Since then, He has been providential and changed my heart.  I love this place!  I love Waco and Baylor has become quickly my home!  I love my friends and my 'family' here.  They are getting to know me and me to them.  I can't wait to see how God provides in my life in the next several months.

I can't believe I love this place.  But it is true when they say, God will change your heart to glorify Him!  And he has!


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My house. [RE]defined

I moved back to Waco about a month ago and since then I have been living in a vacant, very un-homey apartment.  I just did not have the time or the push to decorate it.  Until NOW!  Everyone SHOULD know that Miss America is on Saturday night on ABC and so I decided to have some friends over to watch it :)  Well I can't have them over to a vacant un-homey apartment!  So I had to decorate fast.  Last week I foraged all social media sites and finally found a cute little store called Junque in the Trunk.  The lady that owns the place, Kelly, is so great!  I can't wait to have friends and family visit and take them to see this adorable shop.  She spends all week finding and fixing up antiques and then brings in all new furniture Fri-Sun!  It's so cool!

Anyways - I found a table and chairs, coffee table, and an entertainment set (which is actually a buffet I think).  I wanted to spend about $300 and ended up coming in $100 over budget, but she threw in a cute wicker basket, which would have cost me $50 at Target.

I have put some of the Pinterest Likes and My DIY imitation on here... Let me know what you think!  I think it actually turned out pretty cute... Or close.  When I get finished (probably Saturday or Sunday) I will have to take pictures of the whole place and let you see it.  Actually - it will probably be longer then that.

I ordered fabric on and it should arrive in the next couple of weeks.  My colors are Red, Yellow, Turqoise, and Grey!

Okay - so here it is as of now.

This is the picture... on the wall.  $40 16x20 canvas print from Walgreens!  I used to add the 'overlay' words in different free fonts.  Words such as joy, sisters, family, sweet, love, friends, loyal, forever, funny turner girls, etc... I lover his picture of us too!!  So great!
This is my table!  Which I am pumped about.  It is a leaf table and I actually keep the leafs up at my house.  It is a gray chalk paint top with white legs and the 60's style chairs have a brown and peacock print on them..  I am falling in love with Peacocks!!!  Don't be surprised if everything I have very SOON is peacock!!! haha
This is my couch!  I am waiting to get my curtain material in and I am going to make a couple of more pillows for my couch.  I have gray and white chevron fabric coming in and a red paisley/damask/ikat fabric coming in.  They will look great together!  Pillows are from Target.
This is my sink.  I can't NOT put up at least one piece of crown decor!  It just works so nicely!!!!  Laura Leigh got my the tall white canister and the small canister with the red lid from Anthropolgy for Christmas and I just found the blue ones at Target the other night!!  They hold the Flour and Sugar (I need CHALK) and the tall white one is a measuring cup thing! SOOO COOL!!! and the Red one contains my Stevia for my coffee and Iced Tea that I brew!

I am hoping to put this in my entryway.  There is an incredible bird print at Pier One that I am waiting to get - I think it's $50.  Anways it would look great above the shelf thing I got off of Etsy.  And I have several other frames I have collected to put on the shelf with it.  
My next project for my house (I want to put next to my TV - I want to make this home sign!  I think it will look great in my house!  I am thinking of getting an old ceiling tin I found at the antique store $18 and painting this on it? What do you think?  I think it would look really cute - and they might have 2 more that I could get and make a set out of it... WHO KNOWS!! I love Etsy and Pinterest - because I am crafty and mimicking - anyone else feel me?

And this next one I want to put on some barn wood I salvaged.  Getting the paint either tomorrow or Wednesday for this quote!  My mom always sang this to me as a little girl!!  I love lullabies - it is one of the many things I am looking forward to when I have children.

Well That is my house and that is all the pictures I have for now!  I will upload more as a I decorate and "CLEAN" haha
I am kind of proud of myself for being so domesticated!  DVR is coming tomorrow! Thank goodness... Just in time for all of my TV Shows!  Hopefully my curtains and more pillows will come in SOON!!  Until then.. Happy First week of January!


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Blog Hop - DIY Valentine's Day Wreath from Along from the Ryde

It's that time again!!!  Time for our Southern Swap Blog Hop!  This week we are giving away a $20 gift card to the post that has the most views and one lucky viewer that comments on our post so that you can try the DIY at home!  We would love to hear from you...  Go check out our BLOG HOP page!!

Hi! I'm Kati & I blog over at along for the ryde... I blog about life with my little man, sometimes recipes I try here & there and every once & a while I'll get crafty, but mainly just life! I love the blogging community & can't believe I've been apart of it for four years now! Thanks for letting me steal you internet space today Abby! ;)

Today I'm going to share with y'all a fun little DIY just in time for Valentine's Day (all the stuff is already in stores & it will be here before we know it!) This is all from last year, but I'm sure you can find similar stuff at Hobby Lobby or stores like it this year as well!

You can throw this project together in no time, & for no more than 20 dollars! I love making my own stuff, especially for holidays!
EVERYTHING'S from Hobby Lobby!--2 boas {6.99 each}, 1 grapevine wreath {4.99} "Valentine" sign {5.99} & heart sprays {.99} You can even wait till all of it goes 1/2 off...for an even better deal!
I wondered how I was going to connect my baos to my wreath & just wanted to use something I had at home, so I got my box of paper clips & wire cutters & just cut them in half...floral wire would work great, or even the twisty ties from loafs of bread!

I bent my paper clips to make a "V" shape & then slipped them under where I wanted to start to put my boa...
Place the beginning of the boa in between the "V" shaped paper clip & just twist the clip around the boa until it is secure...

I decided to kinda go around the outside of the wreath at first...just repeating the same "V" shape & twisting method from above.
This is what it looked like after using one whole can tell on the bottom left, the boa began to duplicate, which is good!--it looks better & more full, but it still needs a lil more work!
You obviously need the second boa...continue going around the wreath with the second boa. I even cut it up in pieces to fill in some spots that looked empty! I didn't use the whole just use it all until it looks good & full!
Next, decide what you want to be the top of your wreath. Then lay out your sign to see how you want it to rest up against the wreath.
I simply attached the sign with yet again...another "V" shaped paper clip!
Throw your sprays in there where ever you think they will look good! I just shoved them into the wreath! :P
{Here's what it looks like on my front door at night...}
{...& during the day!}

I love it, & was so happy with how it turned out! It's a lot of red...but I like it! =) It makes a HUGE statement from the road & I love the sassy feathers!