Sunday, January 6, 2013

Blog Hop - DIY Valentine's Day Wreath from Along from the Ryde

It's that time again!!!  Time for our Southern Swap Blog Hop!  This week we are giving away a $20 gift card to the post that has the most views and one lucky viewer that comments on our post so that you can try the DIY at home!  We would love to hear from you...  Go check out our BLOG HOP page!!

Hi! I'm Kati & I blog over at along for the ryde... I blog about life with my little man, sometimes recipes I try here & there and every once & a while I'll get crafty, but mainly just life! I love the blogging community & can't believe I've been apart of it for four years now! Thanks for letting me steal you internet space today Abby! ;)

Today I'm going to share with y'all a fun little DIY just in time for Valentine's Day (all the stuff is already in stores & it will be here before we know it!) This is all from last year, but I'm sure you can find similar stuff at Hobby Lobby or stores like it this year as well!

You can throw this project together in no time, & for no more than 20 dollars! I love making my own stuff, especially for holidays!
EVERYTHING'S from Hobby Lobby!--2 boas {6.99 each}, 1 grapevine wreath {4.99} "Valentine" sign {5.99} & heart sprays {.99} You can even wait till all of it goes 1/2 off...for an even better deal!
I wondered how I was going to connect my baos to my wreath & just wanted to use something I had at home, so I got my box of paper clips & wire cutters & just cut them in half...floral wire would work great, or even the twisty ties from loafs of bread!

I bent my paper clips to make a "V" shape & then slipped them under where I wanted to start to put my boa...
Place the beginning of the boa in between the "V" shaped paper clip & just twist the clip around the boa until it is secure...

I decided to kinda go around the outside of the wreath at first...just repeating the same "V" shape & twisting method from above.
This is what it looked like after using one whole can tell on the bottom left, the boa began to duplicate, which is good!--it looks better & more full, but it still needs a lil more work!
You obviously need the second boa...continue going around the wreath with the second boa. I even cut it up in pieces to fill in some spots that looked empty! I didn't use the whole just use it all until it looks good & full!
Next, decide what you want to be the top of your wreath. Then lay out your sign to see how you want it to rest up against the wreath.
I simply attached the sign with yet again...another "V" shaped paper clip!
Throw your sprays in there where ever you think they will look good! I just shoved them into the wreath! :P
{Here's what it looks like on my front door at night...}
{...& during the day!}

I love it, & was so happy with how it turned out! It's a lot of red...but I like it! =) It makes a HUGE statement from the road & I love the sassy feathers!


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  2. You are so crafty! Holy smokes! I LOVE this!!!! :)

    New follower too, my dear. :) Xoxoxoxo!


  3. This wreath is one of my favorites! Good job, Sister!

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