Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Years Double [part one]

Well it is official I haven't blogged in about a month.. WOW there is a lot to catch you up on, but first we are going to get through the next couple of days.  Yes, I said WE!  I need all the support I can get.  I know I have talked about it and you know about it, but tomorrow I embark on a goal that I set for myself 6 months ago.  I am going to run the New Years Double.  I will run a Half Marathon in the morning and MY FIRST FULL marathon on New Years Day.  The best part is at the end of this double marathon I will have 2 medals  that I put into a HUGE CHALLENGE PLATE!!!  I am most excited about this bling!

WOW.  It has been a great year!  I can not believe I am actually about to do this.  I am sitting in my hotel room in Allen and have laid my clothes out, done my 30 minute stretching routine, and have synced all of my favorite running songs to my iPod.  I am stressed beyond belief!  NOT, however, for tomorrow's race, but Tuesday's race.  26.2 miles!  
I can not wait to put that sticker on the back of my car.  And I can not wait to say that I have completed the hardest goal I have ever put my mind to, thus far in my life.  

There are 2 things I am worried/nervous/anxious about.  

1.  I am nervous that I will run too slow.  I have done some pace training, but I am a slow
runner.  They give you a 6 hour time limit, but if you are not at 13.1 miles at 3 hours, then you are stopped, THEN, if you are not at 75% of the course in 4.5 hours then you are stopped.  My goal is to finish and not get stopped. 

2. I am worried that after my half marathon tomorrow I will be too sore or pull something in my race and not be able to complete the marathon on Tuesday.  (however, even if I am limping, I WILL start this race!) (and even if I am hurt, I most likely will not say anything about it!)
The weather tomorrow is 90% rain and 41`!!  Anyone wanna run with me!??  I didn't think so.
I am nuts.  


  1. Wow Abby! What an amazing goal you have set! I felt so accomplished doing a 5k...I can't imagine a half or full marathon! Praying for you!

  2. That's such a great goal, wow!! I hope it went well and you're not too sore after!! You definitely deserve a day at the spa now! XxxX