Sunday, December 2, 2012

Southern Girl Swap: Fancy Little Things; Christmas Traditions

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Catherine Sims is writing on my wall today.  She is a long time friend from college and has a wonderful blog about life over at  - Go read her blog!!!

I’m so excited to be participating in my first ever blog hop!  All of the other bloggers who are participating are so fun and I highly recommend that you check follow them!  We’ve decided to talk about our own personal Christmas traditions.  I can’t say that my family has had a lot of specific traditions over the years.  Nothing compared to my husband’s family.  My Christmas tree is currently covered in 50% pretty color coordinated ornaments and 50% ornaments that he has collected since birth.    
Although I made fun of his “special” ornaments the moment that I saw them, I think it’s cute that he has a story for each one so I’ve gotten him an ornament each year of our marriage.  We will definitely keep up this tradition when we have children of our own, but I’ve decided that we’ll have two different trees in the future.  One “pretty” tree covered in sparkles and feathers and perfectly matching decorations and one “traditional” family tree that we’ll use for our gifts.

As for my family traditions, we have two that we’ve done over the years that I think are fairly unique.  Like most families we used to read the real Christmas story, the story of the birth of Jesus, on Christmas Eve but we would also read one of my favorite books of all time, “Cajun Night Before Christmas.” 

My mother was born in New Orleans and most of her family still lives in Southern Louisiana so we always got a kick out of reading this version of the story and laughed at how so many of her family members really talk that way.  I will definitely get a copy of this for myself!

The next tradition is one of my favorites!  Every year my mom wraps a note in a random box that is not size appropriate that says “Roses are red, violets are blue, an (insert ornament type) is holding something for you. 

 Once I open the note I go to the Christmas tree where everyone laughs at me while I try to find the one of hundreds of ornaments that has my gift on it.  This is always reserved for the piece of jewelry that my Dad gets for me each year.  Somehow in the midst of opening gifts I always forget about it until I open it so I’m super excited when I see it!

So there you have it, my favorite traditions!  I’m sure the list will expand one day when I have kids of my own but for now I’m happy with the fancy little things that have stuck with us through the years.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Thanks Abby for this fun idea. What a great way to "play catch up". And Catherine you always crack me up!!!

  2. My family has all the goofy ornaments since birth too...I used to make fun of my mom for all of her's, but once I moved out & got to have all of mine that I had been collecting over the years, I had enough to fill up my tree! But I do will probably be best for y'all to have a meaningful tree & a pretty tree to balance things out! ;) Thanks for sharing Catherine! =)

  3. Let me know the next time you do one! I would love to be involved. :)

  4. Hi Abby, I'm Christina and I would love to do a Blog Hop in the future! Please let me know how to be a featured blogger in the Blog Hop.:)