Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My house. [RE]defined

I moved back to Waco about a month ago and since then I have been living in a vacant, very un-homey apartment.  I just did not have the time or the push to decorate it.  Until NOW!  Everyone SHOULD know that Miss America is on Saturday night on ABC and so I decided to have some friends over to watch it :)  Well I can't have them over to a vacant un-homey apartment!  So I had to decorate fast.  Last week I foraged all social media sites and finally found a cute little store called Junque in the Trunk.  The lady that owns the place, Kelly, is so great!  I can't wait to have friends and family visit and take them to see this adorable shop.  She spends all week finding and fixing up antiques and then brings in all new furniture Fri-Sun!  It's so cool!

Anyways - I found a table and chairs, coffee table, and an entertainment set (which is actually a buffet I think).  I wanted to spend about $300 and ended up coming in $100 over budget, but she threw in a cute wicker basket, which would have cost me $50 at Target.

I have put some of the Pinterest Likes and My DIY imitation on here... Let me know what you think!  I think it actually turned out pretty cute... Or close.  When I get finished (probably Saturday or Sunday) I will have to take pictures of the whole place and let you see it.  Actually - it will probably be longer then that.

I ordered fabric on Fabric.com and it should arrive in the next couple of weeks.  My colors are Red, Yellow, Turqoise, and Grey!

Okay - so here it is as of now.

This is the picture... on the wall.  $40 16x20 canvas print from Walgreens!  I used PicMonkey.com to add the 'overlay' words in different free fonts.  Words such as joy, sisters, family, sweet, love, friends, loyal, forever, funny turner girls, etc... I lover his picture of us too!!  So great!
This is my table!  Which I am pumped about.  It is a leaf table and I actually keep the leafs up at my house.  It is a gray chalk paint top with white legs and the 60's style chairs have a brown and peacock print on them..  I am falling in love with Peacocks!!!  Don't be surprised if everything I have very SOON is peacock!!! haha
This is my couch!  I am waiting to get my curtain material in and I am going to make a couple of more pillows for my couch.  I have gray and white chevron fabric coming in and a red paisley/damask/ikat fabric coming in.  They will look great together!  Pillows are from Target.
This is my sink.  I can't NOT put up at least one piece of crown decor!  It just works so nicely!!!!  Laura Leigh got my the tall white canister and the small canister with the red lid from Anthropolgy for Christmas and I just found the blue ones at Target the other night!!  They hold the Flour and Sugar (I need CHALK) and the tall white one is a measuring cup thing! SOOO COOL!!! and the Red one contains my Stevia for my coffee and Iced Tea that I brew!

I am hoping to put this in my entryway.  There is an incredible bird print at Pier One that I am waiting to get - I think it's $50.  Anways it would look great above the shelf thing I got off of Etsy.  And I have several other frames I have collected to put on the shelf with it.  
My next project for my house (I want to put next to my TV - I want to make this home sign!  I think it will look great in my house!  I am thinking of getting an old ceiling tin I found at the antique store $18 and painting this on it? What do you think?  I think it would look really cute - and they might have 2 more that I could get and make a set out of it... WHO KNOWS!! I love Etsy and Pinterest - because I am crafty and mimicking - anyone else feel me?

And this next one I want to put on some barn wood I salvaged.  Getting the paint either tomorrow or Wednesday for this quote!  My mom always sang this to me as a little girl!!  I love lullabies - it is one of the many things I am looking forward to when I have children.

Well That is my house and that is all the pictures I have for now!  I will upload more as a I decorate and "CLEAN" haha
I am kind of proud of myself for being so domesticated!  DVR is coming tomorrow! Thank goodness... Just in time for all of my TV Shows!  Hopefully my curtains and more pillows will come in SOON!!  Until then.. Happy First week of January!


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