Wednesday, January 30, 2013

beginning to look a lot like.... HOME!!!

I have been diligently working on my little home and am becoming very please with how it is turning out.  Here are some pictures from my house along with some DIY that I still want to do.  Note - I am STILL not finished1  But I am getting close!!

This is a DIY that I want to do to the picture above my bed (look below).  I want to paint the picture white and then pull the letter off?  Have you seen that on Pinterest... I will post a DIY post when I get finished with it - when I actually do it.  haha

The most recent purchase I made is the nice antique buffet in the background of this picture.  My TV is a 39 inch - so you can kind of get the just of how big the buffet is.  I can't wait to stock my cabinet with games and blankets!  That is when you know that you are super homey! :)

I don't know if I have posted this picture or not - but this is my "dining area" and I am currently looking for a cute wooden saying/plaque to go under the pictures.  I think I have posted about that table before - but I also got it at this Antique store in Waco called Junque in the Trunk!  Go and check it out on Facebook.  She uploads new pictures every Thursday night because they are only open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!  I am super excited about a new piece she is building me for my bathroom!  I will be sure and post about that as soon as I get it!

This is my kitchen area.  I think it looks like the coziest part of my apartment.  I love all of my kitchen accessories!  From left to right: I have a knife set (great christmas present), a Mini Keurig!  LOVE IT!!  behind my stove is a Cupcake cutting board - can't forget that, a then I have some pictures and canisters holding my flour and stuff ( i think I posted about those too) and then of course my crown above my sink and a cute board that says imagine to the far right!  I love my little kitchen area!

Here is another picture of my buffet and then my coffee table that is made of old barn wood.  I have recently bought some chalk paint and am going to paint it soon!   YAY!!!

Here is Baylor enjoying the homey-ness of my apartment in his new Baylor Jersey!  Is he not the cutest little thing!  For those of you who don't know, that is my old stuffed animal that Baylor has confiscated.  And yes that stuffed animal is a nice stuffed animal from Anthro. If I try and take it away - he sniffs it out like a Police Dog sniffing out drugs and whimpers until he get it.  Is that bad - that I give in!  AHHHH He is super spoiled!

Here is my bedroom with the picture that I want to paint over and DIY with a quote.  I have gotten some new pillows in since last time I blogged.  What do y'all think?  I have really enjoyed my cozy TINY room!  Even though I can barely move when I am in there!!

Below is my bathroom - I have added the ladder to hold my towels on and I actually really like it!  I am waiting for the shutter shelf piece for above my toilet and hanging my curtains.  Dad is supposed to be coming in next week - so Hopefully I will get it done by then!

I have really enjoyed decorating my place - now I just hope that I can stay here.  That being said - for all of my blog followers that pray - I need prayer.  Some stuff has happened at work and I need some prayers that something opens up in theAthletic Department in August.  If not, pray that something opens up period.

Y'all are amazing!

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