Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Whatcha Want Wednesdays: Home Edition

Home is where my Family is.  

I am learning a lot about my family these days.  A lot of it has to do with how close my natural family is and how involved we are in each others lives.  However, I am growing up which means I won't always live in my mother's house or be able to go to pancake breakfast at Grandmary's and Papa's - which looked so fun by the way.  

I am learning that my "family" is wherever I am.  It doesn't necessarily mean that my "family" is my crazy Gosser family - it means that it might consist of all different ages and types of people.  And I am learning to accept that.  

This is my family: We are huge and we love each other.  They are a bunch of crazy people and we have soo much fun together! I could probably do an entire blog (like everyday and all the time post) about them!   I love them so much!!!!!! 

And this is my Waco family.  

They are crazy and from all parts of the United States, but I miss them!  I love them so much and I think that my last semesters at Baylor, I took them for granted.  But that doesn't mean I can't go back.  That is what family does - they accept your faults and love you anyways.  These are some of my best friends in Waco and I can't wait to get back!!!

They sent me this during my week at Miss Arkansas.  They all have my buttons and are supporting me all of the way from Baylor.  [I am crying as I am writing this right now] Not only because I miss them - but because I want desperately to be back with them living life and loving every minute of it.  These are some of the greatest people I know!!

So now that I have already cried this morning... I want to tell you about my home.  My home where one day I will have my own family - and what I want in it!! haha

How great is this Laundry room.  I love that it has everything in it.  A desk, pictures, hooks, table tops, shelves, and the best a bench!  I know that benches are usually used to put things on - but in this case it would be a great way to divide up laundry so everyone could pick up there own and not dig through all of the laundry.  

Please tell me these pictures are not the cutest things ever!! In the foyer or greeting hall by the front door - I think that these canvas prints are a great idea!!!  I can't wait to do it.  

I also love this front door monogram.  Of course I am getting one of these ASAP - when I get married.  I think it would be fun to have a monogram bridal shower.  That would be beneficial in my opinion , especially if the bride loves monograms!!!

Can we say yes please.  To the walls.  The the bedding.  To the light.  To the picture above the bed. To the windows.  To the simplicity.  I love it!  I do not however like the computer in the room, the waste of space bed side table or the orange chair.  I would add a bench at the end and maybe bed posts on the bottom and top of the bed!  But this room definitely makes me happy :)   And then above - I love this ironing board.. it will fit nicely into my bright fun simply laundry room!  I love it!!


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