Monday, October 1, 2012

The Double.

Today is supposed to be all about my marathon. So I will begin with the half marathon I ran in March.  It was really fun!  However - I am ready for the full...

Here is a little recap.  It was at Baylor!  I was so excited - I got up ran, and my friends all joined me at the finish line!!  (Kellie and Rachael my adorable roommies :)

This is from that morning before I ran... and then one of my kids Prince Kent found me after the race and congratuatled me!!
This is my race number and my bearathon pin I got in case I was a hipster and decided I needed to put it on my backpack... No worries - I didn't!

SO HAPPY I actually finished the race.  Little did I know not an hour after this picture was taken... I collapsed from dehydration and started getting sick and nauseated.  I had a very sweet friend come over and take care of me with gatorade and a cold rag.  I was so thankful.  But that afternoon - I was up and at the Baseball Game!!! of course... Do you expect anything less?

I finished it!!!!  

And now on to the 


So here is what you do:  You get a medal on both days... and they make the BIG MEDAL!!!

This is what it looked like last year.  Both of the "ying/yang" sides were the medals on each day.

I mean How fun is this going to be! I will be running/walking the 13.1 Half Marathon on New Years Eve and on New Years Day I will be running my very first MARATHON!!!! I am so pumped!  

Bethany and I have been training and I have a great training program - we can talk about later - but I have learned to love running.  In fact, I have a new pair of running shoes, and of course they are green and gold (SIC EM)!! And i love running in them.

I hope that maybe I have excited you about the New Years Double!  You are more than welcome to run it with me.  It is going on in Allen Texas and you can learn more at!  Stop by and see what it's all about!  It will be a fun run! :)


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