Thursday, October 18, 2012


I have been thinking today on inspiration that gets me through the day.  Inspiration that helps me succeed or motivate me to be better.  This kind of inspiration, I thought, would come from a great book, an influential man, and in my mind a sports icon.  However, as I pondered what to write today and how to best inspire you... I thought about a conversation - this conversation has helped me look at life a little differently... so here is the story.

Nerves, that's the good part - ride that adrenaline.

I don't exactly know where it happened or even when, I just remember the text message I got that changed my perspective on competition.  For years I have been petrified getting up on stage and playing the piano.  It has never been something I enjoyed doing.  Now, sit me down in front of 88 ivory keys in the comfort of my own home and I will tickle those ivories until my fingers sweat.  The thought of getting in front of the crowd on the Miss Arkansas stage just about made me sick in the stomach.  One day last spring I was texting my friend from Baylor, Ashley, and was telling her how how nervous I was about playing in front of people.  She confidently text me.  

Nerves, that's the good part - ride that adrenaline.  

Ashley :

An All-American Selection in 2006 & 2007, Ashley was a first team All-Big 12 Conference honoree and named player of the week for three consecutive weeks. She holds the Baylor Career Record Holder for home runs per game, RBI's per game, slugging percentage, on base percentage, hits, doubles, games played and started. Career-record holder for slugging percentage and on-base percentage. Upon graduating from Baylor, 

Ashley was one of 36 players invited to attend the 2007 Olympic Camp. 

She was then drafted to the National Pro Fastpitch League and the Professional Fastpitch Extreme (PFX) tour. Ashley is still active in the game, playing first base and left field for the PFX Tour, which includes 30 top caliber professional players.

Nerves, that's the good part - ride that adrenaline.

Ashley is a hard worker and I was so honored to work with her the year I was at Baylor and look forward to going back because she was a great friend. Ashley obviously knows what she is talking about when she said those words to me. Being a professional athlete causes you to look at things differently and she was able to impart a little of that knowledge with me and I am so blessed. .  But think about those words.  Ride that adrenaline.  Ride it.  How many times are you nervous or scared of the unknown - it could be a presentation or a conference, even something as simple as a phone call - but the adrenaline we have is looked at as a negative emotion or feeling.  

What Ashley empowered me to do was view the adrenaline, that butterflies in your stomach feeling, as a positive motivator and use that to do your best.  I did.  And after changing my mindset completely I was able to push through the shaking hands and the butterfly feeling and do the best that I ever had.  It is a quote, a feeling, and a way of life that I will always remember and I will always strive to live out.

Nerves, that's the good part - ride that adrenaline.


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