Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Whatcha Want Wednesdays

I am moving to Waco in a few weeks and am trying to figure out the style of decor that I want to use.  I have a red microfiber couch that I am using and I have a yellow lamp.  I didn't really want to go fancy shmancy, but I wanted to go livable.  With that in mind I have found several pieces that I could see myself buying.  I have recently fallen in love with Craigslist (Furniture) and Etsy (furniture) and of course Ebay, however my favorite is Etsy.  Soo many fun things out there!

Here is the dilemma I have:


I have a kitchen and nothing for it!  I have one crockpot!  Thats it haha.  I will eventually need decor in there, but to get started I need a kitchen table and chairs.  The place I am living has a bar, so I will also need bar stools.

I love the look of this barnwood kitchen table.  I feel like it will last me a LONG time and this particular table with one bench is $200 which I think is very reasonable.  And these bar stools are $30 a piece and I would only need 2!  I would most likely paint them a really fun color - (yellow?) What do you think?  If I go for this rustic chic look - will it compliment the red couch I have?

Right when you walk in there is enough room for a bench of some kind to place a basket on and a couple of hooks above it.

I love this red bench ($64) and it only measures about 34 inches long and they say it sits pretty close to the ground.  What do you think about putting this by the door and placing a wicker basket on top of it and these hooks ($9) above it.  Oh and I would love to get a framed mirror for by the door ($190 - obviously not this EXPENSIVE mirror)!  I just think mirrors are so elegant taking up space!

Living Room:
I have the Red couch, but nothing else.  I was thinking I will need to end tables, a coffee table, a chair, and an entertainment set - maybe 2 chairs.

Going along with this shabby/rustic chic look - I am thinking about mimicking either of these 2 designs for my living room entertainment area... What do you think?

These are my thoughts - my red couch with some white and rustic pillows, 2 end tables (yet to be determined) with lamps (very symmetrical) and then to carry the rustic over into the living room - I love this barn wood table that has been sanded and refurnished.  I could easily use that as my coffee table.  For above my couch I love that barn wood and picture theme - I was even thinking of going to Staples's and getting an industrial print 3 feet by 4 feet and placing it on top of some old wood that I (doctor) up over Christmas Break.

For my entertainment set area - I was thinking of just using this bench and mounting my TV on the wall and placing things on the bench under the TV (like the picture on the left).  I don't know if I would use lamps over there - but I have tons of pictures, that I could even hang on the wall - or it could just be really simple (I might aim for simple) What are your thoughts?

After that these are just some of my other knick-knacks that I have found that I like and I would like to use somewhere in the house.

I love this curtain thing in my room:  The BIG question is if I don't have a posted bed like that will it look as cool?  And I am not quite sure I like the Sun Mirror in the middle.  But I love the black and whites over on the far wall!  Very simple!  LOVE IT!!  (my cousin Meg always nags me, I love the way simple looks, but I am ALWAYS saying I need more on the walls!)

I ALSO LOVE THE PILLOWS on this bed :)  I need more pillows on mine.  All I have is 2 yellow and one green in the middle.  And this full length mirror inside of a door - I really wanna try this - anyone with me?!

This Room is also a favorite - I don't know if I could be that chic though with the way my living room will look?

Which of the bed rooms are your favorite?  I am looking for some honest feedback here because I move in a little over a month! AHH.


You can find all of this stuff on my Pinterest - click the button at the top or just click here!

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