Friday, October 5, 2012

Fall into love with Tunes!!!!!

Last night marked the first night of Tiger Tunes at Ouachita Baptist University.  And it was a great night!  With my precious little Women of EEE winning Costume last night it set us up great for another show tonight and two tomorrow.  I know they are geared up and ready to bring it on.  
If you don't know what Tiger Tunes is... It has been around forever (actually my mom was in the first show at Ouachita as a Junior).  It is a fundraiser for scholarships for students - which means every ticket sold is straight money for students that have OSF Scholarships.  The show consists of 8 Host and Hostesses (one of the most esteemed titles you can receive at OBU) and a 7 minute show from every club in a particular theme.  So this year the themes are:
Women of EEE: Gnomes
Women of Tri Chi:  Circus
Women of Chi Delta:  Shipwrecked
Women of Chi Rho Phi:  Freshman Dorm Francis Crawford
Men of Beta Beta:  Exterminators
Men of Kappa Chi: Police
Men of Eta Alpha Omega: Lumberjacks
Men of Rho Sigma: The Men of Rho Sigma
Campus Ministries: CAMPers
Campus Activities Board: Gym Class

Last night the Men and Women of Campus Ministries won Theme and Lyric and Choreography and Entertainment and The Men of Eta Alpha Omega won Musicality and 
Look at my precious little babies!!!

My family is attached to Ouachita.  With every member of my immediate family going to Ouachita I have grown up around Tiger Tunes and the small and cozy university.  I love it.  Fall is my favorite time of year because no matter where I am - I can go back to my "stomping grounds" see tons of people I know, and watch a wonderful show that promotes students in college by giving them scholarships.  

There is no place like Ouachita.  No Show like Tiger Tunes.  And I encourage you - If you have not gone to Tiger Tunes before - make plans to watch it this year at OBU SIGNAL ONLINE and cheer for the EEE's!!  

This year is the first year you will be able to log on and watch it from your iPad, iPhone, Computer, and even Twitter - via the LiveStream App!  Go read about it :OBU SIGNAL ONLINE!!  

  • I am in love with Tiger Tunes - which is appropriate because it is Fall in Love Friday.   
  • Oh and guess what... MY BEAUTIFUL TALENTED WONDERFUL SISTER, together with her friend MaryLacey, co-directed the show!  I'll try and put a video up tonight!!!
  • Thanks for your support!  Let me know what you think and if you want to watch the show!  For pictures and updates follow me on twitter (click the link above) or go to Dr. Kluck's Facebook Page - he uploads tons of pictures!!!
Have a great Friday - and don't forget to FALL IN LOVEEE!! 

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