Monday, October 29, 2012

The Marathon that is Life.

I had a HUGE "uh-oh" moment this weekend.  On Saturday, I ran the Soaring Wings Half Marathon in Conway.  I did this in preparation for my upcoming double marathon I am running ( read about that here) I have been training religiously, like running almost everyday, and I follow a strict regime on what to run and when to run it.  I have been using this app called... Nike Running.  I have loved it, in fact I have told most everybody that it is the best app to run with.  Well, it was until during my race this weekend on Mile 10.. my app told me "congrats you just finished your first half marathon" First, false - this is my second.  And Second, No!!!  I am only on mile 10!!!

As I began to contemplate what was exactly going on, I began to realize that my app was not calibrated correctly and my training had been misleading!  I thought I had run 12 miles last week in RECORD time... but I hadn't.  Actually - I was slower than I thought.  I finished the race in 2:28 which is almost 20 minutes faster than my first half marathon.  I am training for that Double Race on New Years and so I have about 8 weeks to get faster and better and stronger.  It was just disappointing - so frustrating, in fact, that I almost ripped my iPhone off my arm and threw it into the ravine.  I didn't - But I was close.

The best part of the race is the new resolution I made with myself.  When I run a race, I will get a new outfit :) So this was my Under Armour exclusive outfit! Complete with matching pants and top and a very comfortable neon yellow/green sweatshirt!  It was so comfortable to run in!  The weather this weekend was perfect running weather, especially for the outfit I picked out - but I can't imagine what the weather will be like on New Years!  Hopefully, it will be mild.  Here's for hoping!
Wanted to let you know what else I did with my weekend:  

I babysat these adorable little cousins of mine!  Yes, they are apart of the Gosser Mafia!  
See I am telling you - you do not want to mess with us :)
drumrolll pleaseeeeeeee

I also got my extensions back!  What do y'all think of the "new look"?  I got them from Robin at Harrington and Co. in Conway!  She is amazing!  And they look so real!  I am getting use to the length, but Love LOVE LOVE the new look! Hope you do too!

And then finally - as I look back on the past 6 months.... I love playing the Piano!  Miss Arkansas wasn't the highlight of my summer, it is this picture.  I think it captures everything that I wanted to accomplish this year - I wanted to

And I did just that!

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