Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Pumpkin and a Pirate

I have never been much of a fan of Halloween.  It has never really crossed my mind to dress up and I was always the one who never quite figured out that Halloween was the Holiday where girls got to dress up like hookers and look as scandalous as they could and not get in trouble for it.  I mean I remember one Halloween in high school where I was a witch - not a slutty witch or one with a short dress and fish-nets... it was the witch from the convent - totally dressed up like a nun.  That's me.  Good ole' naive Abby.  Maybe not so naive, haha, just oblivious!

So this Halloween, I decided to stay indoors.  It was a beautiful night and I had complete plans to go to the gym and work out - instead, I dressed Baylor up for the night and handed out candy.  I have noticed 2 things:

Girls dress up as the SAME THING!!  Barbies, cheerleaders, or princesses - whatever happened to creative consumes girls!!!  I think one year I was Miss America (prophecy??? - I think I was rudely mistaken!) I made my sash and pranced around in silver heels that were 5 sizes too big.  And pretty sure that was the year that Spice Girls were popular - so not only were the shoes too big, but they were like 6 nice platform.  Girls - you know what I am talking about.

Boy costumes are just terrible.  Some of the kids were just wearing old sports jerseys.  I did have a group of boys come around in Globetrotter Jerseys.  The costumes weren't that cute or creative, but I should have made them do a trick for me for a treat.  That is a novel idea!  A trick for a treat!  Not Trick OR Treat, but Trick FOR A treat! haha Let's get it started!!

I dressed Baylor up as a Pumpkin and he practically slept in the costume.  I am sure my little guy gets cold in the winter time so the big burly Pumpkin costume was most likely warm, however, he did NOT like that hat.  His ears are just too big for hats and the like.  But I wanted to get your opinion on something... Do you think that Dogs really do stay warm when they have dog clothes on? I think they do. :)

The next picture is of my cousin Jessica, Baylor, my mom, and I in front of our house!  She was a pirate.  Now that is what I call an adorable costume!!  She was the cutest pirate.  And as you know Jessica is quite the smart little sucker - and she even picked the costume out herself!  She watches Spongebob, probably more than any other child.. EVER! haha and she wanted to be a pirate like on Sponge Bob and had a sword and everything!  She loved her NOT ITCHY costume!  hehe

Then this last little gem is a framed picture I have in my room of my Grandfather and Molly Anne and I - I was probably about 5 in this picture and Alice in Wonderland.  I loved that costume - I think I wore it to school haha.


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