Monday, November 12, 2012

A Marathon of Information....

I have been working at UCA and making my self quite at home.  I absolutely love the people that I work with and wanted to show you what we do at work.  Last week I made sure that Josh, the photog media guy, was fully aware of my Baylor Pride!  He was late to work (like I'm never late ha) and so I sticky noted his whole computer face!  And even drew some nice drawings on some of them!  Oh how I will miss this place... But I will be so happy to return to Baylor... to my family!

I was driving last week, I really don't remember where we were going, but Baylor was in my lap and usually he puts his head down and sleeps, but in this instance - you can see how he has turned around and faced me and just watched me drive... obviously he was very tired as his eyes are half open. hehe

My sister was Sleeping Beauty in the school play and was absolutely adorable. She played the best little princess and I have to say I am very impressed at her acting skills.  So the baby of the family can dance, sing, and now she can act - what can't she do??  She can't do sports ;) haha - naa she could probably do that too.

She even had her first stage kiss!  It was a funny one too.  The prince went to kiss her lips and went for the forehead at the last minute and then she took matters into her own hands.  I would say she takes after me:)  Taking matters into her own hands - sounds like it came straight from my book of secrets hehe

After the play - we went to iHop and I had a hole in my tire.  So I promptly called AAA (thanks GrandMary and Papa) and had them come change my tire.  The guy was so nice!  He even taught me how to change it.  He said that it is as easy as pushing a few buttons, and of course picking up the tire, jacking up my car, and unscrewing the lug nuts! ha But the dinner at iHop was the best!  I had dinner with this cutie pie!  Little Miss Brynlee.  She wanted a happy face on her pancake so I got the honors of putting the yogurt hair on it! She was so very happy and a bit overwhelmed (that half-smile) when it came out - but she ate a lot of it, and to my surprise - did not like the whipped cream!  Who doesn't like whipped cream!  I know I LOVE it! 

Some more pictures from the play.
Proud Sisters!
Proud Grandmothers!!!
(Molly Turner and Marianne Gosser)

Last Friday was Senior night at NLR - Alex (my cousin) is Number 24!  I was so proud of him!  I can't believe he is already a senior and graduating.  In fact, this Wednesday he is officially signing to play baseball with the University of Arkansas.  And one of my favorite parts of being home this semester has been getting to see him play football (and of course seeing my sisters in the play and dominate Tiger Tunes) but it is also been fun hanging out with my family.  Aunt Leigh Anna and I have a ritual of watching Revenge together every Sunday night - in fact - we are already planning Skype dates while watching it when I am in Waco!  Needless to say I love my family and we always have a great time together!!!

Have a blessed Monday!  
I am preparing a Blog Hop for December - if you read my blog and want to be apart of it - please let me know!  I am sending out the information this week!

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