Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Clothes and Puppy Dogs

By this time you have noticed I got a beautiful new blog design for CharmedBliss. It was about time for a professional look and a more unified homepage for all of my mindless wanderings. If you are considering a blog redesign I urge you to use 733 Designs. She is prompt, efficient, and look at her cute design she did for me :) I just love it! SO hop on over and check out her portfolio.

 I created a blog to share my most deepest dreams and desires and to a degree, I have succeeded.  Well today I am going to take another step towards success and tell you about WHAT I WANT!  I really want fall to be here.  Fall leaves, colors chaining around us, and especially fall clothes.  I love greens and greys and purples.  The hues and tones of these colors (and the boots that accompany them) are just so comforting.
Don't you agree?  Fall is a very comfortable season.  It is a season of change and enjoyment.  One of anticipation and relaxation.  It is one of my favorites.
But as a I literally freeze indoors today I am comforted by my sweater, that 2 months ago would have already found it's place in the floor.  It is a wonderful season!  And I am so ready for it to be here.  But in order for my fall clothing collection to be completed I need a pair of light tan boots, a couple more scarves (I really like the grey one in the picture) and I need a green one for the Baylor game I will be attending next week.

And since we are on the topic of Baylor.... Wouldn't it be cool if he did dog shows??  I mean he IS cute enough right?  DUGHH...

Let me know what you think about the blog change!


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