Monday, September 17, 2012

Mafia Monday

If I haven't told you already - I love my family! And that family is sometimes referred to as the mafia because there are so many of us!! But I love it and would not trade it for anything!!

My cousin Alex just signed with the Razorbacks for baseball!! Obviously I'm ecstatic! My dreams are finally coming true. Haha Naa I'm finding that im a little old for college kids now. Out to the working world. I went to his football game Friday and had a blast!! It was raining but that didn't hold us back!! Check it out:

This is my cousin Trey - Alex brother!!! He is an incredible drummer and very talented in all things music!!

At halftime - we got a little crazy!!!!!!! Haha mom and I had a mini photoshoot!

Alex after the game!! He is such a stud!!

My charging wildcats shirt! I stole it from Laura Leigh!! I am amazed it fit!

Today I am working from home because UCA athletic department is moving to a brand new beautiful facility! I am loving working there and can see myself doing operations somewhere someday ( u of a? Baylor? Idk!!!!)

I am trusting the Lord with that. Like David says in Psalms 23 - the Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want. Shepherds steer their sheep - and so is the Lord steering me!

Here are a couple of pictures of Kids Club from Saturday!! It was a blast!!

Aren't we twins!! Haha love Baylor!!

And now that we are talking about Baylor.... My guys played awesome Saturday night and fought hard against Sam Houston!! They won with the help of KJ's interception!! And Aaron Jones became the all time leading scorer in Baylors history!
So proud of my boys!!

Have a great day!!!!!!

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