Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Guilty Pleasure

Disclaimer:  I know that, as a Christian, I should not indulge in such terrible shows per Phil 4:8 

However, I cannot get over the lives on these four women on the new ABC hit show... Mistresses.  The show documents the lives of four best friends Savi, her sister Jocelyn, Karen, and April.  Savi is a very important and career oriented lawyer as well as focused and driven - her husband - could not be  more different.  Then there is her sister Jocelyn who sleeps with everything that walks (and in the newest episode - she drives down both sides of the street).  Needless to say - Joss and Savi are super different.  Then there is April, a widower with a daughter who has recently found out her husband, Paul, had an alternate life with another child.  Lastly, Karen, a psychiatrist who fell in love with her patient and then he died, leaving unresolved issues with his hormonal teenage son.  

In some way, in every episode all 4 women end up sleeping with some man.  I am more shocked and intrigued at such a different lifestyle then mine.  There is no way that I would want to live in their shoes.  In my opinion, this tv show is an excellent depiction of how immoral society is and how many problems it creates in your life.  

My favorite problem: Savi - the lawyer, was having problems getting pregnant with her husband and one night she sleeps with her colleague at the firm one late night at the firm.  

PROBLEM NUMERO UNO:  This is not directed to men or women:  but in this case - it is the woman who makes the mistake.  It is always Always ALWAYS a bad idea for a man and a woman to work late nights on something together... I don't care how much you trust them - it is always a bad idea... case in point.  

PROBLEM NUMERO DOS:  The most sure-fire way to make your relationships and life harder... have sex with another man (or woman) other than your husband (or wife) and guess what... she will most likely get pregnant.  In fact, just accept it as fact and that when you have sex... she will become pregnant.  I don't care how "careful" you are.  YOU WILL BE THE EXCEPTION!

If you haven't watched the show - it's a good one.  We can all learn some lessons about how NOT TO BEHAVE IN A RELATIONSHIP!

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