Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Big Move.

It is official.  I am graduating and moving to Columbia, South Carolina in a few short weeks.  I will be making the 18 hour trek with my dad next weekend and am moving into a gorgeous condo overlooking the William-Brice Stadium in a beautiful part of town.  Last weekend, I took an adventure out to the east coast just to see for myself what I was getting into.  Saying that I loved it would be the biggest under statement of the year.  Just look at it:

This first one is Finlay Park.  I love that it has a ton of water throughout the park because guess what... Baylor will love it and love his new home.  It will definitely be a great place to go on a nice Saturday, oh wait!  I will most likely work every Saturday... So maybe Sunday afternoons?  

The next picture is Main Street, and you can see the capital and the end of the street.  When I went to Columbia last week, I had breakfast at the cutest little very modern restaurant.  It was called Roll Call.  And the breakfast was kind of bland and not the best... but the people were so nice, and that's when I knew it - not only was I in the south, but I was somewhere where I knew at some point I would be able to call home.  

 These next several pictures are of the neighborhoods of Shandon.  It is placed beautifully between the campus (downtown) and Fort Jackson to the east.  The rolling hills and old majestic trees make the 15 sq.blocks of the neighborhood homey and so inviting.  It is just the place I would love to live and if you have half a million to put on a 2,000 sq foot 2bd/2ba home - then go ahead, but finding one of these gorgeous homes for rent and one that is in beautiful condition was just not going to happen.  So I went to my favorite place on earth - the stadium.  No matter what sport or team, stadiums represent the essence of the game - where the rules, the fans, and the players get to take part in the outcome.  It's the best - and that is where I found my condo.  It's a gorgeous 2br/2ba so if you ever want to visit - I have an open room!

Switching gears: The reason I am moving to Columbia and not staying at the beloved Baylor.  Back in June my boss had let me know that there would not be a job for me upon my graduation.  I took that as a sign to find a job - wouldn't we all?  I decided that it would be in my best interest to go to the NACMA (National Association of Collegiate Marketing Administrators) Conference.  So I made travel arrangements for Molly Anne and I.  We went down to Orlando and stayed for 6 days and it was absolutely amazing.  I learned so much from sitting through so many different lectures that week, so eye-opening.  

The best part about the conference is that everyone communicated via Twitter.  So I created a professional twitter before I went @ATurnerSports, along with business cards, a Linked In profile etc... and when I got there I started tweeting to every major school that I could think of and adding EVERYONE.  Every sit down I got with the schools ( I had maybe 15) I would ask them for a job.  A lot of no's, a lot of polite (let me look and get back with you) no's, and 2 let's talk next week.  Iowa State and South Carolina.  

The best part of this story is that back in April I worked the National Collegiate Equestrian Championships and met the Media Relations guy at South Carolina.  I kept in touch with this guy and he ended up getting me in touch with the girl at South Carolina who ended up helping me get this job.  I mean WOW! Can you believe it. How many people did God use to put me where I am now.  

I am going to South Carolina as a Marketing Assistant in the athletic department and will basically be helping create the 'event'.  The event is everything from script writing to sponsorship fulfillment, and basic game-day promotions; but the end goal - selling tickets and being sold out.  

I guess I can say this without being vulgar?  I am officially a Cock - Gamecock that is!  But to be honesty, it is really hard for me to get used to that being on everything from shirts to hats to billboards.  Guess it will come with the territory.  But I am really excited, excited to start a new chapter in my life, a new adventure, and in a NEW place!!


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