Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kati's Giveaway!!!

So Kati over at Kati's Get Away is doing her very first giveaway!!

Kati started blogging several years ago and just recently she inspired me to keep a blog.

She blogs about all of her mommy things.  She is always so crafty!  And I love how she always posts about her son, Ryder.  Here are some of my favorite Blog Posts about Ryder:

My Lil Man Countin' :  a video about the cute little guy!!

Ryder is Blessed :  an adorable party Kati put on for Ryder!!!  Of course:  BASEBALL THEME!

Package From Waco:  Oh my goodness I sent Ryder a Birthday gift and haha this video is soo precious!

Anyways:  Kati is giving away a SCENTSY!! WOOO  I love Scentsy's!!! I have like 5 already!  Can't wait to expand though :)

But in honor of Kati getting her wisdom teeth out - I thought I would tell you my funny story.

I got off the anesthesia and I was asking my mom for a letter so I could write the Doctor a thank you note.  And then I walked up and down the hall to find my doctor who had taken my wisdom teeth out and I kept saying

"You are a good doctor!  Thank you" And repeating that over and over again.

The funniest part though:  I started bouncing (bending at the knee) and when my mom asked me why I was walking a few steps and bouncing all of the way out of the office... I simply replied in the most matter of fact way:  "Mom, gosh, I have to make sure my knees work!!!" haha - Little did I know 2 years later I would literally be having surgery to make my knees work properly again (ACL surgery).

Do you have any funny anesthesia or wisdom teeth stories?!

Here are a couple of hilarious videos:  The first one is a little long - but this kid is hilarious!!

and then the infamous:

Let's all encourage Kati this week!!  Hopefully she had a funny experience like these two!

Go leave her a comment at Katisgetaway.blogspot.com

Or leave a funny story here!

Have a great week!

Charmed Bliss

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  1. That little kid in the second video is so funny and adorable. The part where he screamed was certainly the climax of the video. LOL. Wisdom tooth extraction can definitely result to an unforgettable moment at opportune times. =)

    - Mitzie Colon