Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Playing Catch Up!

I haven't blogged in a while so I wil catch you up on life.  I transferred my church membership to Harris Creek Baptist Church and I love it!  I am getting so involved and I can't wait to see what God has in store for me.

Baylor is a little rascal, as you can see!  He is chewing everything and always making a mess.  I feel like a mother with a toddler - I have to spank and swat and say NO more with each day.  However, I learning to praise him for the good things that I might expect, but it helps him - I just know it.  A funny story that happened over Thanksgiving Break.  I took Baylor over to our neighbors to show them his tricks (sit, high five, lay down and roll over) and he was so distracted at being "cute" that he didn't do anything.  On the walk back over to my hours I told Laura Leigh, "I wish he would have done more of his tricks - but at least he sat down.  That at least shows that he is an athlete."  Oh. my. gosh!  I didn't realize how ridiculous that sounded until after I said it and Laura Leigh repeated me.  Haha.

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Baylor loves sleeping in my bed!!!  And some mornings I can't even find him!  He is the cutest thing!  I have been leaving him in my bathroom while i am gone throughout the day because I was coming home to my nike shorts without crotches... so anyways - he was getting into the toilet paper and trash can - but after several days of being spanked.. he learned his lesson (or I hope) but so far... I haven't found any toilet paper.  But today I left him at home with Piper - in my room.  We will see how that works out!

One of my very dear friends got married on Saturday night.  She married a former baseball player and their wedding was so sweet.  Of course, I know I have said this before, I cried the whole time.  The pastor had them write about each other and hand it in before the wedding and he used it during the ceremony.  The things that Ben said about Natalie Stagg were beautiful.  The ceremony started out like this:            "Do you believe in miracles?  Ben sure does.  After passing a note to Natalie 5 years ago that said "If I have a chance at all with you, call me."  is now ending up in a marriage."   I mean seriously!  How much more romantic can you be!  The wedding was so romantic and sweet.  Natalie is a lucky and was a beautiful bride!  

There were tons of fun things at the wedding:  a really fun part was the Arkansas Razorback Themed Photo Booth!!  It was so much fun that all 3 of us girls and my mom got in there and took some pictures.  They took the pictures and put them in a book and we got to write on them for Natalie and Ben!  What a sweet idea!  

 Then over where the grooms cake was they decorated with Ben's Razorback Baseball paraphernalia and baseballs and stuff.  It was so cute!  You know my love of baseball and weddings - so put them together and it is the perfect day and perfect way to decorate a wedding. Just check out these pictures...  


The food in the "baseball tent" was corn dogs, ring pops, sour punch straws, cracker jack boxes, pickles, and gum balls!  I love the way they kept the theme throughout and to every single detail.  Natalie's mom is a reader of mine and she just did a lovely job of imagining and creating all of the ideas for this wedding reception!


This is the groom's cake.... HOW AMAZING IS THIS!  I think it is just a wonderful way to show off the love of baseball and a beautiful wedding. I even love the way that they set the cake up on vases of baseballs and grass.  How unique!!  OH MY GOODNESS!  can you tell?

Over thanksgiving - Baylor made a friend.  My dad absolutely loved baylor and they spent a good deal of time together when I went with my Turner Cousins to see Twilight.  Okay.  Let's talk about Twilight - I heard some mixed reviews.. It was amazing.  I cried through the wedding part - it was just so sweet.. I couldn't resist.

Favorite line of the movie:

"Meet you at the alter." 
"I'll be the one in white."

Yes please and thank you!

Life is so wonderful when you have someone wonderful to share it with!  I am glad I have BAYLOR :)

Be Charmed and spend your day with Bliss!

Abby Turner

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