Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's a New Year

It's a New Year!  Can you believe it.  I mean wow!  2011 just came and went so fast!  I feel like it was yesterday that I was celebrating with my friends in Alabama (we went down there to do the Polar Bear Plunge! It was so much fun!)

I know everybody makes new years resolutions but I wanted to share mine with you.  I know there are the cliche work out out everyday and don't eat chocolate or the most common one lose weight!  But this year I decided to do some very inspirational and encouraging self-improvement resolutions.

 Don't worry:  work out is on there!  But that isn't really a resolution because I work out anyways.  But my second one was to read a book a month (so I am taking suggestions).  Last year I tried to do this and I failed miserably after reading the very long but very lovely Redeeming Love in FEBRUARY! haha.  I am going to pick up Best of Me by Nicolas Sparks tomorrow to start reading to get ready for Single's Awareness Day coming up next month!  

There are three resolutions that I am going to try to keep - I mean it is hard to break them. But in one year I am going to reflect on these and really see if I accomplished the resolutions that I have started a week ago!  

1. Speak with purpose  - don't waste words, but when I do speak speak with purpose and passion.
2. Make and Pursue Intentional Relationships - Not with boys!  haha but with my friends.  Keep the ones that I have had for years - write letters and catch up every once and a while.  Don't let a week or 2 go by without shouting out and sending a prayer!  My grandmother calls it "A cry on the fly."  You cross paths with people for a reason - make that reason count!  Don't waste time.
3. Love on a compassion child.  This is something that I will blog about later - but pray for my little boy or girl.  I am not quite sure who I have yet - but if you work and you get a pay check and are buying starbucks at least once a week in your life - you have the money to help a child in need.  Why aren't you?

These are my resolutions - and yes they are very ambitious and yes some of them are straight forward and I should already have been doing them, I am not wasting anymore time.  I am starting new this year - and trust me I have big dreams for this year and I plan on making 2012 a year to remember!

Even though you are reading my blog and I might not know you, or maybe we have been friends and are friends and you are stopping by to catch up, whoever you are and wherever you are - I want to simply ask that you pray for my Grandmother, my dad's mom.  She has had 2 strokes in the past week.  Her health has been on the decline for the past year or so and a month ago and Christmas she seemed healthy! Her usual self with spunk and what I would call a firecracker.  However, things happen and things can change in an instant!  Again - DON'T WASTE TIME.  Spend the little moments in life and cherish the time you have with people.  I saw this Pin the other day and thought of GrandMolly.  This phrase is the phrase I have heard out of her mouth more than any other.  She is an amazing strong Godly woman and I hope my kids get to meet her one day.  But more importantly I want you to pray that she is comfortable and doesn't experience any pain.  Thanks!

My roomie Taylor and I went to one of the basketball games last week and it was so much fun!  I wore a neon jacket hoping "someone" might catch notice.  I don't think they did.  So we just had fun even though we missed the first half and weren't really even watching the game - still sometimes it's fun to catch up and hangout at a fun basketball game instead of in your ole house.  Catch my drift?

I had to return to work this week to work in the book room and I received such a fun text message from my dear friends and adopted sisters from Houston the Holts.  Laura and her 2 girls were driving through and wanted to take me to lunch!! I was showing Hannah how to Instagram and thought this picture was so cute of the both of us.  I am so blessed by this family!  If I have learned anything from Mrs. Laura I have learned that an older woman (even if she is only a couple years older like Mrs. Laura) is much wiser and has lived more life than you have.  She or He has experience things you haven't.  So sit under them and listen to them.  Find someone you can talk to and go to if you ever need advice.  Parents are awesome and siblings are very fun - but there is something about a confidant that sees through the situation and can give you an unbiased wise been-ther-done-that opinion!

I mentioned I was working in the book room... And one of the basketball guys came in and brought his books back in his shoe box!  Would you like to guess how big those shoes were... SIZE 15!! I mean if my feet were that big I could carry my books in them too!  I just had to "document" and take a picture of the box with books and then of course had to get a picture with him!  This is my life and I love my job!!!
I spent New Years with my sisters and my mom!! It was so chill I loved it.  Nothing worth blogging happened... but it was fun!  and very relaxing just the way I would like to spend my new years eve.  Oh and we watched the new years eve NYC celebration... can I just say that the Lady Gaga Spectacular was boring.  I was not impressed by the wire lightbulb she wore.  It was dumb.  

Hope you have enjoyed this rather boring blog.  Be charmed and have bliss throughout this New Year!

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  1. Glad you got to work on Resolution #2 and I got to be involved. :)