Monday, January 16, 2012

turning bitterness to bliss.

Has there ever been on person that you can't stand?  You would rather not talk to them and if you saw them in person, in a room at a party or at the mall shopping - you would not speak to them or it would just be awkward?  There was a person in my life like that.  I am not going to say names because this isn't a gossip column - but I do want to share and encourage you with the journey and the experiences that are occurring in my life right now.  

A couple of week ago my Bible study was over bitterness.  Have you ever stopped to think about bitterness?  Let's start with the definition...

Definition: Holding on to or showing feelings of intense [strong] animosity [hatred, anger], resentment or vindictiveness [wanting to get back at someone]. -- Other words that describe bitterness are: merciless, unforgiving, holding a grudge. Bitterness is also described as feelings resulting from something that is difficult 
to accept.

How about what the Bible says about Bitterness:

Hebrews 12:14-15
14 Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord. 15 See to it that no one falls short of the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many.

For a lot of us, we would rather withdraw than to seek to find greater purpose in our situations.  We victimize ourselves and consider ourselves deserving of the bitterness that we have and we ignore how the bitterness is only hurting us and making matters worse.  

Now I am a testament to this!  I have turned my entire situation inward and have grown more angry and more bitter with every day thinking about it.  I ponder it and instead of hiding God's word deep in my heart - I have consumed my thoughts and my heart with this situation surrounding my bitterness.  When we do this - we convince ourselves that nobody understands and nobody can even identify with the pain we have felt and continue to feel.  I am sure your situation hurt and your feelings were deep and still cause some pain, however, the bottom line is we have to choose to overcome the bitterness and have a heart restored and renewed by God, or we can remain soaked in the evil that is bitterness.  

Turning from bitterness can be good.  We don't have to allow it to continue to steal our joy!  We don't have to allow the evil to imprison us but instead allow ourselves to reap the benefits of having a blissful heart for the Lord.  There is a true victory that comes from God and that can come out of the worse circumstances.

After I read my study and really sat and thought about the bitterness that encircles my life I began to think - how Can I overcome this.  Where is bitterness in my life?  Am I bitter at my ex-boyfriends for breaking my heart?  No, I have long overcome that and honestly understand I am better without that.  Am I bitter towards my parents for getting a divorce?  No, I had no control over that and we are so happy in the life that has been afforded us.  How about friends?  Bitter towards any of them?  What about teachers for bad grades?  or the thief that busted my window and stole my pearls last year out of my car (maybe just a little haha).  

Whatever it is in your own life - take care of it.  I know I did.  I remember the phone call to my best friend after allowing my heart to let go of so much bitter that had entrapped my soul for years.  I was so excited.  I honestly thought my 2 feet were not staying on the ground :)  It was crazy!  I suddenly had an incredible sensation and wanted to shout Praise God from the mountains.  He had restored my soul and mended years of retribution and strife in an instance.  A lot of people that I have talked to don't understand and can't comprehend the meaning or the purpose behind it.  But I can testify that bitterness in one relationship overflows to all, yes ALL, of your others.  It was affecting my behavior, the things i talked about, and even the way that I thought.  My mind was completely consumed with the bitterness and the frustration that I had allowed to consume my mind.  God restored that.  He moved mountains and but the bliss back in my life completely.  

If you read this - don't try and figure out my situation and circumstance.  Please focus on the restoration that has taken place and find that in your own life.  Dig deep.  Open your heart.  Pray.  And watch God as he transforms your life! 

Because he will.

And it will be awesome!

Completely in Bliss,

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