Sunday, July 8, 2012

The First Day of the Best Week EVER!

We moved into Hot Springs last night around midnight and have been going ever since then!  This morning was Arrival for Miss Arkansas and may I say it was the best year for Arrival yet (and I have been to quite a few).  And that is all thanks to the fabulous board of directors of Miss Arkansas.  Mrs. June Felix has been working so hard to make this year so special.  And she succeeded.  She was able to recover countless headshots of the former Miss Arkansas' throughout the years!  It was such an exciting experience.  Her husband also hand decorated our backdrop, of course the crown, but he has put in countless hours - and let me be the first to tell you... it was AMAZING!!

This year marks the 75th Anniversary of Miss Arkansas - and I am ready to compete for the opportunity to be the next Miss Arkansas.  What a privilege that will be for whomever wins the cherished crown.

The day started off in the hair and makeup room and ended up on the top floor in the suite of Miss Arkansas learning about the job and hearing over 2 hours of rules for the next 7 days.

I. CANT. WAIT!  I am ready and I am hear.  My roommate, Mackenzie Moore, is adorable and sweet and we have had so much fun so far!  I can't wait to share more memories with her!  I hope you enjoy my pictures!!!

Bethany and I and then my old roommate, Kathryn, and I!

 Of course the beautiful Ouachita Baptist University Girls.  From Left to Right, Brooke, Bethany, Mary Ellen, Sarah Liz, Mackenzie, Abby, Candace, MaryLacey, and me!

The girls I will be competing with all week - my Group C girls!  

 The Group B girls!!

And then finally the Group A girls!  

Maegan Inzer and I waiting to go to Arrival!!

The first video - should be up shortly!  Looking forward to it!

Miss Arkansas Hear I COME!


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