Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Inner Thoughts Lately

I took this from the VOICE translation and it has really been on my heart lately; so I wanted to share this with you:

ROMANS 9:20-22

20Here’s my answer: Who are you, a mere human, to argue with God? If God takes the time to shape us from the dust, is it right to point a finger at Him and ask, “Why have You made me this way?”21Doesn’t the potter have the right to shape the clay in any way he chooses? Can’t he make one lump into an elegant vase, and another into a common jug? Absolutely.22Even though God desires to demonstrate His anger and to reveal His power, He has shown tremendous restraint toward those vessels of wrath that are doomed to be cracked and shattered. 

I have been struggling with comparisons lately.  Just comparing myself to my sisters, other Miss Arkansas Contestants, even olympians like Natalie Coughlin.  I came across this verse the other day in my NIV bible and decided to take a look at it in my new the Voice bible.  I love this translation because it sounds like my dad talking to me.  Not Tab Turner, my dad, but My Heavenly Dad and with this translation I can almost hear Him audibly speaking this to me.


I know that we have all heard the Potter's Hand song and we have seen this before - but really let it sink it - think about it again... just one more time.  Let your mind soak it up.  You can look like work in progress (where I am most of the time), you can be a pot that might not sell for millions of dollars and look messed up - but was made and crafted with love and purpose (middle), or you can be working on the ornate designs that take years to craft... God is still working on me - and one day I hope to get to the point where I can have ornate designs - but I fear right now I have begun a work in progress and am being crafted with love and purpose - because my days, my steps, are created for the glory of God.  

What a clear picture of who God is and what he can do for us and has done.

It just really puts everything in perspective for me.  I can only imagine how selfish my mind is and how God is so disappointed in me.  These verses allow me to gain a perspective and come back to the reality that my life is worth something only to glorify my creator.  If I don't do that - then I have not succeeded and I have not done what Christ put me here to do.

As I prepare for life - I must keep that in mind.  It is NOT ALL ABOUT ME - and sometimes I might not understand certain outcomes, but I do know that God created me and knows what HE IS DOING.  And that is where I find solace.  In His Arms.

and IN HIS ARMS.... and find


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