Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's the Little Things

I don't know why I haven't blogged in so long - I really need to get back on top of things.  Oh I remember what it was... I am failing a statistics class, not really, but it is super hard.  Mom and I went down to Baylor last week and got the remainder of my clothes and stuff that I would need this summer.. and I have been slowly trying to move back into my mom's house.  Mom even cleaned my whole room!!!  Too bad I will not be in there for 2 months - but she is the best mom ever.  Really made me appreciate and miss my time at home.  

Needlesstosay I have been cleaning out, throwing away, and reorganizing all of my drawers and closet space.  But that is officially over!  Woo too!

I am interning a couple of days a week at KARK News Station and yesterday happened to be my first.  It was so interesting and very fun, however, working in an athletic department and working in a news room are two very different places to work.  The culture is different, the dress is different, and the hours are extremely different.  I am/will be working from 2-11 pm.  Which is insane given that most days I am up by 8 getting ready for the Miss Arkansas Pageant!  

Last weekend was me dear friend Molly's Wedding.  It was so much fun!  Molly's maid of honor was Casey Happell and we just became great friends over the course of her wedding festivities!  She was so much fun to be around and we literally hung out together the whole weekend!!  (one of the best things that happened this weekend).  We got to get our hair done by the fabulous Dennis Harris (also does Pageant hair) and I LOVED how mine turned out!  My inspiration:  Miley Cyrus!  Who knew you could be inspired by her of all people :)  just kidding.  What do you think of the no part thing?  Laura Leigh was a fan while Molly Anne prefers my side part.  I liked having it a little different.  Can honestly say - my hair is parted today :)  I am not brave enough to try it on my own, but I loved the messy curls in the back.


Next are some fun pictures from the wedding (some I also posted on instagram and twitter - so excuse the multiples).  Molly was such a beautiful bride!  I spoke briefly to her the next morning and she was so blissful!  I hope that the morning after my wedding, I am as blissful!

Rachel was a bridesmaid with me! We had such a fun time.  It is so good to see old friends and party with them all weekend!  I truly enjoyed my time and friendships at ouachita and am blessed when I can rekindle a little of that from time to time.

Wanted to make a shout out to my Baylor Bears!  I am so proud of everything they (baseball) have accomplished this year!  They could not have made me more proud to be a Baylor Bear this year.  

Yes I know that Arkansas made it to the CWS and that is starts today at 4.  For all of you Razorback fans that did not and have not and will not (Laura Leigh) attend the University... you are not a razorback - and just because I live in the state does not make me a razorback - even though I will support them in Omaha - Baylor should have pulled those 2 games out.  However, we did not.  


The University is a SCHOOL not a STATE!  therefore our state animal is the white-tailed deer... 
not the RAZORBACK.

but Go Hogs.

And I same that with charmed bliss ;)

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  1. I LOVED your hair for Molly's wedding! & I hadn't seen the back...& I LOVED it even more after I saw it! I wish I could have used your hair as a pic to get mine done at Tonya's wedding last month! Glad to see you blogging again! =)