Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Let the Games Begin!

I am so ready to see my little sister shine and succeed this week at teen!  Let me tell you!  Last year Laura Leigh placed fifth in the competition and boy she is coming back fired up and ready to be Miss Arkansas Outstanding Teen, and as her sister queen and biggest fan, I am more than ready to cheer her on.  This picture was taken when Laura Leigh and I attended the National Buddy Walk in Washington D.C. in March!  I was so proud to see her learn how to advocate for the kids that she is passionate about.  I was also excited that I was able to participate in this experience with her.  Having a cousin that has Down Syndrome allows me to have a first hand look at the people, children, and family dynamic that comes with having a child with disabilities.  Needless to say I love it! 

The rumors are true - we have puppies... FIVE of them.  And as cute as they are - they are a handful.  I can't believe Baylor was that tiny at one point.  I do have to say, yes they are cute, but they are not Baylor.  At 6 weeks I had Baylor potty trained and doing tricks.  (just kidding - but it was soon thereafter).  Baylor is so smart - I am such a proud mommy.  So I guess I will show you a picture of the puppies.  My sisters and I named them Rosie, Teddy, Bear, Rolo, and I forgot the other one - but I named Rolo because he was the chubbiest and was adorable to cuddle with - he loved to tuck his nose into any crevice he could find!  Still... Baylor is cuter. :)

I started a mini-internship this summer while I am home preparing for Miss Arkansas.  Number one it gives me something to do three days of the week when I am not working out or preparing for the pageant.  And Number Two it keeps me up to date and current with all of the news that is happening.  When we aren't on location reporting, writing stories, or on air; the news room is all about reading and finding stories - keeping me current with all of my news around the state and nation.  One of these pictures was on location at the Balloon Race at War Memorial Park last week.  I was able to tag along with the Meteorologist and watch how he does things.  Our Meteorologist is such a funny personality on air and very informational.  Poor thing, if you know anything about me - I can talk to a brick wall and questions are my forte - so Keith was such a good sport with all of my very novice questions.  The next picture is of the wild fire in Mount Vernon Arkansas last week.  I was able to get up close and personal and even assist - NOT REPORT - but assist in asking some of the questions and figuring out information to send back to the newsroom.  I had a blast and even posted some pictures on Instagram and video on Social Cam - so follow me for a more up close look.

Laura Leigh had a dance recital last weekend and boy can she dance - I was not blessed with these talents... but she was and I am so proud.  If you have not hear Vitamin String Quartet's Version of Man in the Mirror - you need to hop yourself over to iTunes and download it!  Laura Leigh's Dance was so amazing!  So proud of her and all she has accomplished by the age of 15.  By the age of 15 - I was chowing down on some major calories - and trying my hardest to succeed in Basketball and FAILING MISERABLY... boy am I glad I gave that up! 

Get Ready for a Great week at Miss Arkansas Outstanding Teen!!


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