Friday, August 10, 2012

Baylor Turns One!

Almost a year ago I bought a dog, against my mother's will on my way back to Waco.  It was a dog breed I hadn't had much experience with and was hoping he would be a great dog and a loyal friend as I was struggling at school.  Our car ride home that night was amazing - he cuddled and snuggled with me all night!  I loved it.  That night I made the executive decision that he would sleep with me because his cries killed me from the bathroom.  It was a match made in heaven!  Well yesterday, my little bundle of joy turned one!  I cannot express to you the joy that he has brought me and the friendship that I have with him!  The next few pictures are of our year together!  It's been a great one!

Sweet boy helping out his mom with homework!!  

Merry Christmas from Baylor!!!

He loved opening presents on Christmas morning!!

Maybe his favorite pose! He loves being up around your face!! Probably because I'm always in his and he doesn't have a choice :)

His toy box is under my coffee table and somehow he manages to get stuck up in it! Haha

Happy Easter!!!!

The first time he found his reflection! He found it and was talking to it :) haha

Oh just keeping me company while driving!!

Our friends outside in Waco! Baylor thinks he is just as big as Zeus!

Baylor has been so good on our road trips home! I'm so glad I have him!!

This summer Baylor has so enjoyed playing in the water with his tennis balls! He is a natural water boy!!

Unfortunately, Baylors birthday was yesterday while we were at Disney World. We celebrated his birthday Monday night before we left!! He even had a cupcake dog cookie!! I'm so sad I couldn't be with him, but I called the dog hotel yesterday and he is doing wonderful and so happy! The lady even said that he is teasing all of the other dogs and taking their toys, like they are his own... Yup! Sounds like Baylor!!

While we were at Disney World.. Molly Anne bought him a gift.......

His very first Mickey dog tag! Haha :)

Happy first birthday Baylor! I'm so glad that you came into my life!! It's been so much fun!! Can't wait for another year!!

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