Friday, August 10, 2012

Wednesday's Journey

Today I am not even going to apologize for not blogging in so long.  I am just going to accept the fact that I am a juvenile blogger and maybe one day I will create such a blog that people all over the world or state, or maybe all of my friends read.  But until then, I will share my thoughts on what has been going on lately.

As you know my sister, Laura Leigh, was crowned Miss Arkansas Otstanding Teen.  So for the past three weeks we have been getting ready to leave for Orlando.  The day that I thought would never come... It came.  It came around four o'clock this morning when my mom came in and said Abby it's about that time.  Our flight was supposed to leave at 6:55 and it did.  However, if you aren't from Little Rock or the surrounding areas, you have never experienced the excellent personal service and polite manners that the TSA people have when they are getting you through security.  I am convinced that they are stuck in the fifties when life moved at a slow and steady pace of inefficiency.  

My mindset is that if we are going to point B, get there as fast as you can.  Don't stop (unless it is for a sonic drink or potty break) and don't just mindlessly travel, go with purpose.  

We are headed to Orlando for the next week and a half, but guess who is not making the trip withme?  Baylor.  I am distraught!!!  I dropped him off yesterday at the dog hotel and he did this air-swim and hat felt like he was trying to leap back into my arms.  It was so sad.  

Have you ever had Mac problems?  Will losing pictures and data can be quite upsetting - especially if you can't remember things and rely on pictures for the funny times in life. Mine somewhat crashed the other night.  I call APPLE support a lot.  Its how I figure everything out!  Just ask.  Ski called - we ran a verify disk because my pictures reverent exporting to my ext arrive.  And the message popped up and said, error disk is corrupt.

The apple guy said, well i will let you go, have a nice life.  In a somewhat joking manner, but as he prepared his tone to tell me that my computer was a close to death as the earth is in this Arkansas drought right now, I began to panic.  So I prayed and I ran time machine, which would not work (or so I was told by the support guy).  It worked.  I woke up the next morning and my computer worked great! But the lesson I learned... Do NOT let your computer fill up its startup disk topless than 5 GB because then it will not have enough space torun the simple mundane programs.  

I am starting a boom today, it is called ESPN : Those Guys Have All The Fun!  It is about the startup of ESPN,  how cool is that?  Yah pretty cool!

Well I am on the plane writing this and the song playing on my iPod is 


all these expectations just mean my heart will be breaking

Oh why can't I see

That you give me what I need

Even on my brightest days

Even in a hurricane

You give me what I need

Even when its way too much

Even when my down to dust.

That is the chorus (like you couldn't tell)

I saw Dave sing this at Common Grounds in Waco last fall with my friend Korrie when she came into town.  He talked about writing this song for his wife - in appreciation for everything she does.  I have really been experiencing the need for affirmation and appreciation lately.  It is a crucial part of life and to ignore people, or not ignore, but not vocalize your appreciation for them or that they are doing - is the greatest form of selfishness.  

We live in a selfish world.  It is easy to drop everything we are doing to meet our own needs and go out of our way to please ourselves.  But what God does say:

"Listen, if you lift yourself up, you'll be out down, but if you humble yourself, you'll be honored." Luke 14:11

Jesus is telling his disciples and the people listening do not think about yourself but think about those around you, who can you help, who can you encourage.  Encouragement and sensitivity have been two areas of my life that I am trying to work on and in doing so I'm getting into that selfish rut of why aren't you encouraging or affirming me.  If we were all mature we would figure out each others love languages and show love that way... But we aren't and we don't.  

Be encouraged and go encourage.  The Lord our God created this day!!

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