Saturday, February 9, 2013

BLOG HOP: What's in your BAG?

You guessed it!  Today is our third annual BLOG HOP!!!  I am so excited to have Keisha Pittman over on my blog talking about what is in her bag!  

Hey guys, my name is Keisha and I can be found over at  Don’t let me lack of recent posting keep you from coming back.  I promise when I’m in my rhythm, its good!  (well, my dad thinks so anyway!).  

I love me some Abby and I love that she works so hard each month to keep this Blog Hop thing going.  Make sure you check out all the girls posting today including Amy Lynn Wentz over at my place!

Today is all about what’s in your bag.  And, I must admit being a good 5-6 years older than these other girls, I’m the grandma when it comes to “fun” items in your bag.  So, I’ll keep it real and keep it practical and give you something to look forward to as you “age”.

First, I have to talk about my bag.  I just got a bag in the mail from Thirty-One and I’m in love.  I had been using a bag with lots of pockets and everything had its “place” and this new bag does not disappoint!  My Casual Cargo Purse has pockets outside and inside.  It’s casual yet professional enough for me to carry every day and it holds EVERYTHING I need.  Love it.  Although I’m having a hard time loosing my keys, but I’ll get that part figured out!
Now for the inside – when it comes to the contents of my everyday bag, I keep it practical and simple.

1.     My Vera Bradley coin purse holds all those pesky gift cards and rewards card.  I hate to keep my wallet filled up with all that extra plastic, but when I need those cards I need them.  You know like the reward card for Panera that gets you a free sweet treat from time to time.  Those things are important!  So, I’ve found that keeping a Vera coin purse keeps everything handy when I need it. 
         2.     With my recent move to NWA, I’m dealing with a new winter climate meaning my hands and lips are always dry.  Blistex is my new go to – well, really any medicated mint flavored chap stick, or should I say lip balm.  I like the Bigelow kind from Bath and Body or I’m fine with the green tube from Walgreens.  Either way, my lips are silky smooth and well, my face smells minty fresh…which usually works in your favor.  I mean a girl can’t be stinky or have crusty lips!

      3. Taking advantage of the awesome pockets on my bag, something I always have with me is the power end of my phone charger.  When I switched phones recently, it did not come with a full power cord, only the USB part.  Since I had to use an adapter to keep that in my car, I keep the power part in my purse so that I always have it with me.  I travel a ton for my job and I know I will not get in a new car without my car charger. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into my hotel room and wanted to panic and remembered to check out that handy little pocket on my purse.  Love when I can think ahead and anticipate my own little moments of crazy!

     4. Final thing I always have are Ice Breaker mints.  I’ll admit it, I’m prejudice when it comes to the mint varieties.  I like Ice breakers – you can drop a couple in your pocket if you are out meeting people or at a networking event.  You can drop a couple in the bottom of a clutch and not have that annoying rattle sound of a box of mints.  And, they have the option to “share” or “not to share”…and frankly,  I don’t always want to share or at least have pesky little germs floating around all my mints. (I mean it’s a courtesy thing after all)  Oh, and I only like the green kind, as in Spearmint.  <Insert Icebreakers>  I’ll also let you in on another little secret.  I usually always have gum with me.  I have TMJ so I can’t really chew it, but I know other people like it and I like to have it to offer in case someone pulls the proverbial “do you have any gum” to make post-coffee conversation much more pleasant for all involved!  I’m  thoughtful like that.

Maybe digging in our purses revealed a little too much BAGgage!  Hehe…but you know it’s true!
Hope you guys enjoyed hearing what the 30 something life breaks down too and stop by and see me sometime –


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  1. I have to have a little bag for all my gift cards & such too! ANNOYING having them taking up all the space in your wallet! Thanks for sharing! =)