Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I think I like it now...

 I know you have been waiting for it...

So here you go!!!

My little home!

Our cute little front porch!! I am headed to Hobby Lobby tonight to make a cute Baylor Bears Wreath to put on the door!  I'll blog about it tomorrow :)

When you first walk in our door this is what you seen.  To the Left is my roomie Christa's room and the downstairs bathroom... then you walk straight into our living room.

This is our dog Piper! She is Taylor's (my roommat not boyfriend) dog!  She is the cutest thing ever and has a mind of her own!  I have grown to love her so much :)

My Beautiful red couch!  It is sooo comfy! I love it :)

Our kitchen - isn't it cute :)

Different view - but that is our tv.  and that picture has been on the wall - not sure what happened to it.

Our dining room table:  

This is our upstairs... which is to your left when you walk in the door.  Taylor has decorated our home beautifully!!  Thank goodness for her :)

Then you make it up stairs and if any of you designy people have an idea of what can go here where our ironing board is... Please let me know - because it is definitely dead space right now :)

This is our laundry room! It is such a blessing that the house came with a washer and dryer!!  And I am very good and wash my clothes every other day :)  Be proud.

This is my bathroom - This picture resembles me and Taylor walking in the rain.  Have you ever kissed someone in the rain?  Is it romantic?  I have never kissed someone in the rain (hint hint taylor) haha But itll have to wait until I come back home - because it DOESNT EVER RAIN in waco! which means I have to go to school EVERYDAY.

All I know is that Audrey Hepburn makes it look soo romantic!

Notice my Sieze the Cupcake sign.  I made it :)  It is maybe my most favorite piece in my whole room.  

this is more of my bathroom.  Notice I still have my pledge class and my EEE's with me :)  I also like this fun earring tree my mom gave me for a fun present - it is from Urban Outfitters!  It holds all of my earrings - so it will hold all of yours too!

My bathroom point of view from my room!  

This is my mirror/makeup table/do my hair/work space (yah right)  I don't ever do my homework.  I was watching Risolli and Isles which I have become obsessed with on TNT and Taylor (my roommate) was studying (law student) and she said Abby do you ever have any homework ... and i replied - umm none that I am going to do haha.  Oh the fun difference between a Law student and a Sports Management Student! 

This is my door to my room with my favorite red chair!  LOVEEE it!  and my closet!  So organized!  and my armoir thing that holds most of my clothes!

My night table with all of my pictures ad favorite sayings around it.  Love waking up to encouraging words and my sweet honey bee!  have you heard that song... if you haven't go listen to it :)

And the last stop in my humble abode... my bed.  I love it - and I think it turned out great! Even with the tri chi green pillow that my mother made me buy... I still love it - it's like a little piece of Jonesy in my room with me :)

Hope you enjoy.  I'll leave you with a small piece of encouragement today:

be encouraged.  
Have bliss and be charmed :)

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  1. I think your lil house is ADORABLE! & I love the fact that there is Scentsy around every corner! hehe!