Monday, September 12, 2011

New Week - New Blogs!!

I have been expanding my Google Reader and have found some really great blogs and I wanted to share them with you!  Some of my most recent faves are:

This is a cute blog that always has the best looking recipes for desserts!!!  

Has everything from ways to decorate to ways to entertain to DIY crafty things! I love this blog.

This mom is so inspirational and crafty and I love her cute pictures of her little girls!!! She has a great story too!  

my crafty blog that i love!

this girl is soo cute!

and of course my best friend's blog!!

Check them out and let me know what you think!  

What I have been wanting!

 This Baylor Bear sweatshirt is so soft - every time i am in the bookstore i look at it and I just want to buy it - but I am waiting until my dad comes in this weekend :) And this Ping jacket I really like!  I think it is way cool.  I think I am going to get it for Taylor as  a surprise.

When I have a family we are going to wear matching clothes like this!  I hope I am a cute mom like this!  This was taken from Hostess with the Mosstess  

I aslo found this cute top - and if you have been on Pinterest you have probably seen it on one of my boards. But I hope I have a little girl one day!  I want to call her Turner.

Okay these next are going to be the cutest fads!!  You can find them on Facebook called Fan Frocks!  I want one soo bad!! 

You just send this girl your shirt and she makes a dress out of different fabric and then she sends it to you!!! How amazing!  Go check her out!  I found her from one of the blogs that I follow Jimmie Choos and Tennis Shoes!  She is so cute!  You should go look at her blog to.

I have had the worst day ever.  Probably because yesterday Taylor was in Waco with me and today he wasn't.  We had so much fun, however, today I woke up 2 hours late! How do you even do that!  I had procrastinated a paper until this morning so I rushed to write that and then went to work, printed it out, went to class, where i got really frustrated, but before I went to class i went to commong rounds hoping that would make my morning better. 

I was talking to Taylor on the phone - and trying to drink my Coconut Cream coffee - which was TERRIBLE!  I was getting so frustrated at taylor for no reason and so we stopped and he prayed for me.  It was really sweet.  Anyways, after gettng mad at Taylor I threw my coffee away and walked to class. 
Sometimes you just gotta throw away the coffee.

I thought what Taylor said was very profound.  Sometimes all you gotta do is throw it away.  Throw away the disctractions in your life so that you can see how stupid you are being.  How silly and frustrated you are over the smallest thing.  Live life happy.  If something is making you that uptight - you don't deserve it.  If pageants, dance competitions, relationships, eating, dieting, sports, work, if any of those things are making you so frustrated or uptight that it effects those around you and your attitude with them - Trust God and get them out of your life! 

Taylor is so encouraging -and when i had calmed down and called him back, he was so sweet about it.  Ifyou know me - my frustration levels are not pretty - I am loud, quick to anger, and very passionate (in a bad way haha) But Taylor just looked on the bright side and said "sometimes you just gotta throw away the coffee."

Well at 8 pm I shouldn't have thrown away the coffee. Haha - I am actually finally leaving work and I am headed to bed!  I am tired and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!  Because tomorrow is BlogAbout OBU day!!!

I missed last Tuesday - So I gotta catch up :

Be Happy!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing my little ol' blog. :) Hope tomorrow starts out better than today!

    Many blessings!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! & yes...Fan Frocks are from here! WOOT! YOU of all people need one! & Molly Anne needs an OBU one! That's a trend that would spread FAST in the bubble!