Friday, September 9, 2011

TGIF - thank goodness it's FRIDAY!

Hey!  Here are a few of my favorite things this week :) hope you enjoy!!!

As I hurry off to my meeting at 2:30 I am going to try and type as quickly as I can!  But first... it's someone's Birthday!!!!  It's Ryders!!!  One of my best friends and Pledge Sister's little boy is turning 2 - so run over to and wish Ryder a Happy Birthday!  He is getting so big!! 

                                             These are some of my favorite finds from pinterest!!!
I will do this at my wedding!! How cute are these cupcakes!
                                                                                                This is my grandmother's favorite saying and I must say that it has been there for me through a lot. 
Memorize it.  Love it. and Live by it!

I am contemplating wasting calories on this lemon cheescake gooey blueberry bar!

Yes!  I need my sister to make this for me in a large print for my room - because it matches! 
and by the way - i need to blog about my room.

this is my saying! what i live by.

I love this handwriting I know I have posted several things with this font.  I think it is just perfect.

How can someone be so creative.  Even I like the Pink and Green.  WOAH. did I just say that. 
It must have been a long week.
It must be friday.
and my boyfriend must be 3 hours away from seeing me :)

One word.


Can i look like this please.  can someone find this yellow jacket for me and some slouch jeans?

favorite place in waco.
i'll blog about this one day too.

look i even came out on top.  5 minutes to spare.  hope you liked the short but sweet thank goodness it's friday post!



TAYLOR IS COMING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY.

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  1. I love John 10:10. :) And if you're going to make me drool with ooey gooey bar pictures, you should have the decency to post the recipe. Aaaand, I'm glad Taylor's coming to visit you. :)