Thursday, March 20, 2014

Top 10 Reasons I Work in Sports

Top 10 Reasons I Work In Sports:
10. Keeps you on your toes - you never know what you will be doing!  And I love it.  Everyday I come to work with the expectation that I could be doing everything from scheduling tweets to running around town doing grassroots - and I love the unknown, however, some days it would be nice to just sit in the office. 

9.  The Atmosphere.  I love being on the edge of games and actually feeling like you are a part of the game.  We work so hard in marketing to create such a great environment to cheer on the team - that when we see a great crowd and an intense game, it's great to feel like you had a hand in that.  

8.  The Clothes.  Not going to lie.  We get hooked up!  I love wearing my Gamecock stuff, and when I was a Baylor Bear I loved wearing my Baylor stuff.  It is all about where your loyalty is at that moment - and currently mine is with South Carolina.   So needless to say, when it is raining - I wear my jacket, when it is warm, I wear my vest, and when I am traveling I have 4 different travel bags to choose from. And its awesome. 

7. Relocation.  Now most of the time I say this is the worst part of sports, but let's consider the positive.  How cool is it that by the age of 25, I have successfully lived in the great state of Texas AND on the east coast and traveled all over Texas and the Carolinas.  Not many people can say that! [DISCLAIMER: Could not have done it without the love and support and $$$ help from my family]

6.  It's just plain FUN.  Yes, it's hard work and long hours [I don't think you understand long hours]. But it is so fun.  The events are fun, working with coaches and sports are fun, and yah - the office might be super tense most of the time, I'm doing what I love. 

5. Constantly Learning. If you know anything about me, I love sports.  I also love learning - so much so that I gladly went to Grad School and would gladly go again!  It's the mindset of increasing your knowledge in a topic and hopefully, becoming an expert on it.  I am certainly not an expert on marketing or sports for that matter - but I am constantly learning, and that's what I love about it.  

4. Its go Go GO. I am a fast paced person and that is something that I admire about myself. Apathy is not in my vocabulary.  I do like my occasional lazy days and nights off watching Law and Order or NCIS, but I am most of the time running like a lady with her hair on fire.  Everything ALWAYS works out, but needless to say its fast paced and a multi-tasking 

3. Season Turnover.  Everyone likes the seasons.  It's change, it's new beginnings, it's refreshing.  And its one of my favorite things about sports.  I know that during Football, I have 8 home games [MAYBE] and then its over.  Basketball gets a little longer, and then its my favorite time of year - Baseball!  There is nothing better then after a LONG year of sports to know that you will end it on top, with Baseball.  

2. Creativity/Grassroots - I know what you are probably thinking, what the heck is grassroots?  It is a term coined for marketing to people in their everyday lives - door to door. It's taking posters and schedule cards to people at their work or standing in the middle of campus telling people about the upcoming games.  It's interactive and I love it.  The other part of this is you always have to have energy and creative new slogans/mini-campaigns.  Which means, everyday you are trying to come up with the next best-most interactive thing!  And I love that.  

1. Sports Family.  I love my coaches, coworkers, and interns.  They make my days!  Every sport dynamic is different, but everywhere I have worked there are people that surround you that are in the same busy hectic lifestyle you are... and that is where we find solace.  And I love it! 

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