Sunday, March 30, 2014

Paint Your Pet

I've been wanting to do a painting class for a while now, and instead of waiting for a group of "friends" to go with me, I decided to be independent, because let's be honest when am I not?, and go by myself.  I was hoping there would be a room full of people and I would just blend in, instead there was one other couple and then me… I stood out like a sore thumb.  The best part, I talked to Baylor the entire time - they probably thought was a loon. 

I heard about this place in town and they were doing a Paint your Pet day and you could bring your pet and you would paint a picture of them.  Of course I couldn't get it off my mind and then I just HAD to do it.  So last week I sent them one of my favorite pictures of Baylor and decided that no matter what I would go.  When I got to Studio Cellar (the place here in town) there were 2 other people and they did not bring their pet.  I walked in and seemed very awkward I am sure and asked if pets were allowed.  How can anyone say no to Baylor, he is just so captivating upon first interaction.  

They said "of course he can stay", I don't know if they were allowed or not - but Baylor stayed.  They even gave him a dog treat and got him a water bowl :)

Below are the pictures of my progress.  It was a mixture of emotions, painting this picture.  Overwhelming, patience (technically not an emotion, but I don't care), frustration, excitement, happiness, and I had an absolute blast.  Not going to say it wasn't challenging, but if you haven't done this - you need to do it!  

The place has over 30 different paintings you can choose from and they range from realistic to abstract and there is always someone in there that can help you, so you don't have to be apart of a party or go at a specific time - which makes it a very fun, spontaneous activity! Definitely want to go back.

Baylor did so good, not on his leash!  He just sat at my feet while I painted.  The blank canvas had the sketch on it when I got there.  It was really nice to have to outline done. All I had to do was basically paint by numbers.  And the girl was really nice and helped me do a lot of shading (that is her favorite part of painting - I don't get it).

These are my progressions of painting. I think for the first time painting I did a pretty good job.  Notice all of the pictures behind me in the last picture… those are the different paintings you can do. 

The Original and the Painting… can you tell which one is which? 

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  1. The painting is great! So you like Nathan Angelo too? (I found your blog from an Instagram comment.)