Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Scentsy Party on Tuesday!

I am getting ready for my Scentsy party on Tuesday so I thought I would share with you what I am going to fix.

How a Scentsy works

My favorite scentsy warmer!

How a scentsy works - my favorite smells are Dear Mr. Watson, Route 66, and Echo! Oh and Amber Road

The warmer of the month! Getting ready for Fourth of July

A classy warmer!

First of all - I hope you know what Scentsy is. If you don't: Check it out at their website or at my consultant's blog, her name is Kati at Kati's Get Away

Kati is one of my very best friends and those pictures are of her little boy Ryder! Whom I might blog about occasionally - because we hang out a lot.

Okay - so since you have met Kati and you know about Scentsy now - you can enjoy my special sweet treats I am going to make!

Sugar Cookies with fruit cream cheese icing and fruit!

a cute tulle tutu around the piano and tables!

Nice chocolate cups with chocolate mousse made from Chocolate Pudding and Whip Cream!

Cheesy garlic pizza bread

Pink lemonade!

and Cake Balls!!!!

Am I missing anything?

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