Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's been a while! So here it comes.

1 Thess 5:13 "Praise God in every situation for that is what is glorying to him."

That is hard to do.  Especially in a place like Waco.  That is my prayer - that I would be able to praise and thank God even in the hard times.  This is a hard time for me.  I do not see what I need to be thankful for or what I should praise God for.  However, Taylor encouraged me through that and God showed me through the movie Soul Surfer that I have a lot to be thankful for!  Be encouraged!

Oh how I love this boy.  Johnathan Taylor Clark.

More fun times in the red truck with Taylor!  This boy is so encouraging!  He text me the other day and told me

"Have a great day.  The path of the Lord is straight keep your eyes and heart on target so that when you take the wrong step your neck will hurt and you will have to straighten back out.  Gods plan for you involves me and I'm super excited.  I love you baby."

Wow!!  I hope that one day you have a guy like mine.  Every girl deserves to have a man encourage, love, and appreciate her.  He treats me with so much respect!  I am sorry I always talk about him, but this whole Long distance thing is killing me.  He is amazing and I hate that I spend Monday-Friday without him.  But that makes the weekends that much better and I know that God has a plan.

 This is just one of several carts at one of our book runs in the bookstore.  We made about 5 last week.  And this particular book run cost us of $50,000 dollars.  Books for class are so expensive!  But they are beginning to look interesting - the more I see them the more interested I become in reading and learning about the subject matter.   

After  buying the books - we put them in boxes and then on a dolly to transport them into our cars and then to the bookroom.  It is quite a process and each book run takes about 2 hours.  In this instance it took about 3.5.  This has been my job for the past 2 weeks and it is about to be finished!  I am beyond thrilled to get rid of these books!   

This is the book room.  I think we have most of the books done and finished.  It opens tomorrow from 9-5!  Woooo.  I am so ready to be finished with these books.  I have been dreaming about books.  haha - it is a scary thing!

These are over 500 athletes books.  Alphabetized and categorized by sport and last name! 

Meg came over the other night and helped me hang and decorate my room!  I love that my cousin and I are so close and are best friends!  She is amazing!  We made choc chip cookies and ate all of them.  DOn't judge.  Starting my diet and workout plan tomorrow!

Doesn't my room look good!  That is my bedside table with my pictures of Taylor on them!  And then that is my bed!  The bedding is from Target and the picture is from Target too!!  Doesn't it all look good?  I am very pleased at how it turned out.

This is our fridge door!  I love my sisters!! And that is the precious Natalie and Ben.  Their wedding is November 26 ?  The Saturday after Thanksgiving!  How precious!  He is soo in love with her!  How precious is that save the date!  It was baseball themed and it had a baseball on it.  And said we are saving you a seat for the big game! ha  Love it!  

My world in Waco is beginning to feel a little like home.  Home is where love is and where you end your day with someone you love... So it's not quite love, but it's close.  

This is where I sit every morning from 8-845.  Common Grounds. 8th street. Waco.  in front of the deer.  It reminds me of Taylor and of East Arkansas.  Have I mentioned that I miss Taylor and I love East Arkansas?  Well I do.  How relaxing is this picture.  I love sitting in front of it and praying and getting my devo on with God.  I look forward to it every morning.

It's nice to look forward to something everyday in a place I am not exactly happy with.  I still cry and I still miss home.  I don't know if I will ever like this place - but I know that I have plenty of people praying for me and wishing me the best.  I have been home every weekend thus far - so seeing taylor and my family makes me happy and is what really helps me through the week.

I am thinking about starting a morning devo/prayer time for girls at Common Grounds.  If I do this - what book should I use?  Should we just do bible stories - or should we just pray and talk about life?  Let me know what you think!

I have been reading this book by Francine Rivers.  It is such a good book and she does an excellent job at portraying some important women in the Bible.  I am reading about Bathsheba right now - and she gets a pretty negative rap about her relationship with David.   I mean she practically through herself on David and then committed adultery with him.  However, Francine writes with compassion on Bathsheba  and trys to get us to see her with more mercy from a women's perspective.  David was an amazing man of God.  We all want that right?  He was attractive and could play the harp and worship God as if God was right there with him - which is was.  All she wanted was for David to love her back and so she did what girls do best... used her looks.  She did what i took to get his attention.

I am so thankful and so blessed to have "my David" in my life.  And i understand sort of in a weird way what Bathsheba was going through.  When I first met Taylor I really did get excited and loved his fervent love for the Lord.  I wanted to be apart of it just like Bathsheba, so I understand it her passion for this man.

I hope you have/will have/or will experience this type of love for a man one day - because it's amazing.  Don't settle for less.  I am blessed to be have Taylor in my life and reading this book has helped me understand his love for the Lord and be thankful that he IS in my life.

I hope that you have enjoyed my blog post today.  

Hope that your day is better than mine.  Have a charmed day and a blissful week!


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