Saturday, August 13, 2011

My week in short.

I promised I would tell you about work at Baylor - So here it is.  


First we have these sheets of paper (below) and one sheet equals one athlete.  Each athlete is taking classes, obviously, and we have to pull their books for when they come and get them.  So we go through the list and check for three things:  

1. no text required classes (we have to double check these in case that is a misprint)
2. Check for Double books
3. And then finally highlight the books that we do not have and can't find so that we can go to the bookstore and complete each student's book list. every sheet almost needs books from the bookstore.

Then we get to look in the BOOK ROOM for all of these books!  Sometimes it is pretty easy, but then sometimes there are soo many books and they aren't alphabetized so it is hard to find... 
 After we find the books we stick the sticky note on top of their book pile and set them in sports groups (track, golf softball etc..) We have almost made it through the women's sports teams!  Yay.  All of this most be completed by Friday at 3!  So we have a long week ahead of us...

Coming home:

So Wednesday after work I left and headed to Arkansas.  I was so ready to get home.  I only stopped once!  And then I made it to Carlisle at about 11 and I got a flat tire.  My wonderful boyfriend drove 45 minutes to pick me up!  I was so thankful for him and for his loyalty to me!  Definitely saved my mom a trip to Carlisle!  I was so happy to see him!  I will tell you one thing - Long Distance is NOT fun!  but I am praying constantly for patience, persistence, and strength!

I went and met his dad and stepmom on thursday night.  We drove to Jonesboro!  It was so much fun.  His dad made chicken - which I love - and potatoes and grilled vegetables.  On our way I decided we needed to take pictures and 'document' our road trip.  Taylor was so sweet to let me snap a few with my phone.  He really can't stand phone pics - but at least we have some.  Oh and the sweetest thing - we went to dinner last night and then to watch the Help.  By the way - if you haven't seen it!  GO SEE IT! It was unbelievably good!  Even Taylor liked it!  Anyways, he had this picture on his phone background!! How sweet is that!  love this boy.

 Went shopping at Target with my mom yesterday and bought some stuff for my room in Waco!  It took us forever to pick a bed spread but we decided on this yellow with a red quilt!  Do you like it?  I am sure I will be posting about my room decor later.  I am really excited!  My mom was so sweet - she really does not like to shop - but she was so sweet to go with me and help me pick up all of my room stuff.  It is kind of hard moving into your first house after college because you really haven't accumulated anything, well at least not from ouachita because all of the rooms are furnished.  But we got most of it!  And I want to say I can't wait to decorate - but actually I can.  I really like my time at home this weekend and do not want to go back!

Hanging out on Friday night.  This boy is soo sweet.  CHeck out how we are matching in our red rain  coats!!! 

PINTEREST FINDS!  If you do not have a pinterest account - create one!  It is amazing!

Amazing long distance quote I thought it was cute!

And of course I can't have a blog post without cupcakes!!  Thought this was a cute quote and pic!

And Baseball!  You know how much i love it - and then this is just wonderful!!  I cant wait to do this one day!  Just makes me soo happy to see that little hand on that ball!

 I hope I look like this.. yah right!

I am going to leave you with a video:  Watch it!  Enjoy it - and then pray that God gives you the strength to live day to day through the trials, the temptations, and even the good times - don't wish anything away, don't take anything for advantage - instead live life as though today is your last.  God will give you strength - and it is amazing when he does.

Especially those times that you look back and you say  THAT WAS GOD.  

Enjoy life - and live it!  Be Charmed!  God will help you through and thats wonderful.  you are not strong enough, but with God you are!


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  1. You know I love that yellow. :) We made it to Australia!