Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Time Has Come.

I am finally here. I came to Waco. I can not believe it. I know I have shared my reluctancy to come for the past week or so, so I thought why not share my journey with you.

I woke up yesterday morning at about 8 and packed my last final things into my car. I ended up coming by myself because with a twin blow up and no furniture what was my mom supposed to do? It ended up being smarter to come alone. And it gave me reason to suck it up. So I did.

I don't have any furniture yet - if you didn't now that, well it's because Ashley's can't deliver until next week. So I'm without it for a while. I slept on a blow up which ended up not being that bad. I did however wake up several times.

So here is my house - without furniture and I'm sure the next time you see it it will be decorated because one of my roommates, Taylor, No not my boyfriend, but Taylor likes to decorate and is bringing some stuff!

This is the kitchen...

And this is my poor room and blow up mattress.... :(  It will be okay - I will have a great bed next week.  Maybe!

After I set up my blow up mattress I was hungry so I went to Chipotle and grabbed some food - there were a lot of people in there and so I decided that I wanted to spare myself and not eat alone in public... YET. i know its bound to happen, however, it was not about to happen on my first night.  So I took my food and where am I the most comfortable and feel at home?  Okay East Arkansas with Taylor - yes I know that!  But the other place?  the Baseball Field - if you looked at the pictures to help you with that... NOT FAIR! ha

So I went to the baseball stadium and guess what!  It was open!  That was a God thing!  So I sat in the stadium, watched the sunset, and listened to worship music while eating chipotle.  It reminded me of my days at Brookhill Ranch Camp when we would have vespers services - I saw God that night! 

So this is the Song that Played... Kari Jobe You Are For Me  

I know that You are For Me
Even in my Weakest...

WOW! this was definitely a weak moment for me and God totally spoke to me through those lyrics to calm my heart!  

I know I have said it alot but Deuteronomy 31:7

Be strong and courageous in the Lord, for you shall go into the land which the LORD has given to you.  For the Lord has gone before you.  

The Lord has definitely been here!  I have faith that he has created some divine appointments for me here and will give me the strength and the persistence to find those and create relationships and influence them and encourage them in the name of the Lord.  Jesus will be glorified here.

We all know how much I love Fireproof and how often I watch that Movie!  I am so pumped about my baseball experience and I get home ready to hop in my bed (very loosely put) and watch fireproof.  YAH RIGHT!  My computer is black and white.  So who ya gunna call?  RACHEL!  my best friend Rachel is a computer/tv/electronic genius!  So I call her.. no luck!

I decided then to call Taylor and go to bed... that didn't work out to well - we talked for an hour!  :) But he is so sweet.  I miss him so much!  But I get to see him tonight I hope that today goes fast!

So here are some things I like and I have found on different blogs!  Check them out!  I love my Google Reader Account and thanks to  which you should all go visit - I have found some great reads!


Evereyday I find the cutest most delicious cupcakes and recipes on this blog!  DIVINE!


This is Harper and if you are looking for some cute ideas or how to dress your kids - read this!  She is adorable. I mean just look at that shirt! 


kati indtroduced me to this blog.  Tara (the girl on the far right) puts up the cutest and the funnest looking dresses.  Check this funky color peacock one out!  Adorable!  and her stories are fun too!


this lady has the cutest little girls, a store on etsy, and every sunday puts up a wonderful verse!  It's great!!! I love reading her blog and she just had a baby boy!


How weird are these stuffed animal/organ dolls.  If you are a med student or just like the inside of the body - i dare you to put these on your Christmas List!  They are all the rage!  (NOT)  It's creepy... Just think about it - Hey mom this is my pet large intestine it's name is BOB.  NO!  that is so wrong!  

So I have found a place to eat breakfast and get coffee - Common Grounds.  They open at 7.  I think I am going to try and make it a ritual and they give you 20% if you bring in your own mug and leave it!  And since Lisa Stagg and her girls gave me the cutest mug during Miss Arkansas - (Below the red one) I am going to bring it in and drink from it every morning!  Oh and I can't forget my Nature Valley Bar and they have wifi - which I don't have at the house at the moment and I am dying.. 

Went by the Registrar's Office and signed up officially for classes and got my Baylor Student ID!!! WOo HOO!!  and this is the Simpson Building where I will be working.. Except for the next two crazy weeks in the Book Room.  I will post tomorrow about that- because this post is already too long and I have a lot to say about it! 

I hope you have enjoyed my post.  Taylor is on the phone so I am going to stop posting and talk to him..

Charmed to write for you

and at the moment in utter Bliss (talking to Taylor :)



  1. I ATE A CUPCAKE LAST NIGHT! Chai with cream cheese frosting. I'm not a huge cream cheese girl, but the cup cake was great. Glad you're surviving! Get to know your Common Grounds friends. :)

  2. All i can say is that i know u will do great & waco & i am so happy to see Lennie the lamb on your make shift well as your Scenty plugged in & warming! :)

  3. girl - you kjnow i don't go anywhere without my scentsy stuff!! Best client ever! haha

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