Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Why Can't God Tweet!?

I think I told you that I went to Dallas last week and went to church with my cousin Meg at Gateway Church.  Well I really enjoyed the sermon.  He was very relatable and so funny.  So I went to the church website.  Go Here to see the sermons by Pastor Stephen LeBlanc.  This is what your screen should look like... and please if you watch any of them.  Please watch Sometimes God is Silent.

Pastor Stephen Says:  
"Sometimes God is Silent becuase we are not.  We are the servant, we are the one who is supposed to say God, I want to pour out my heart to you and sometimes we just need to stop talking and back off.  And when we back off and we turn off the electronic product de jour and the constant music and constant media - gosh you can't even watch the news without three crawls and this and that.  We are so into multi-tasking.   we are so into microwaving, but God is into marinating.  And he is saying this, listen, I still speak like I did the first seven and a half thousand years.  Come on, God needs to learn how to tweet!  God doesn't do it.  He waits until we power down.  He waits until we cultivate a place of maturity when we are ready to listen and says I am ready to listen because he will not compete on the world stage.  Psalm 46:10 BE STILL AND KNOW!"

WOW!  What a great message.  And that is only a minute of a 40 minute sermon!  Its's so great!

How many times have you wanted the answer now.  I know that recently I have been praying and wanted a straight up answer.  I wanted God to tell me know.  Even after listening to the sermon, I thought that I was doing it right.  I thought that I was praying and waiting.  Little did I know.  I wasn't.  Sometimes you just need to step back and evaluate outside the situation and prayer to see if you truly are leading and praying a life of maturity in waiting and listening.  

Listening is so hard for me.  I like decisions to be made now.  Sometimes that leads to making the wrong decision.  Making a decision that if you would have waited just a little bit you would have made a different one.  You might have seen God's providence.  

I pray today that you wait.  You see. And that you Listen to what God has to say.

This is my work place.  I was booted to a tutor room - but I am okay with that - I have a door, a plug in, and I can watch hulu and sermons all day!  I had an athlete today and I am really enjoying helping and organizing these classes.  It is a lot to keep organized in my mind but with several schedules a highliter pack and lots of excel spreadsheets _ I am able to keep myself organized and on track! God definitely placed me in this position because of my organizational skills!  Pray for my kids that they do their work and have a great semester!

From Top to Bottom Left to Right these are my kids:  Brittney, Donald, Tsuwani, and Cordarius!

Dear younger and more artistic sister,

I miss you so much.  I wish you would come and visit me in Waco, but I understand that you would rather go to Annapolis to be with... well achem, a boy!  It's really okay.  I am not bitter or anything!  But I would really appreciate some wall art for my room!  You are such a talented artist and I would love and think it was the coolest thing if my talented little sister spent time and made me a little piece of love.  You know they say that?  Art is a form of love.  Well, will you love me? haha.  I like this maybe for my room (red black and white and yellow) Love you sister

Your darling older and much wiser sister.

Thought of my good ole friend from a blog around the corner (that's a cute name for a blog if you are looking for one) at Katis Get Away.  Her little boy Ryder will one day play baseball I am sure of it.  And one day my son (who I want to name.....) okay I am so not going to tell you that because then you will like it and use it!  Stop being so nosy! hehe.  I thought these pillows were so cute especially for a little boys room!  Found on pinterest of course!

I am headed to Houston Tonight!  I am going to stay with the sweet and darling Laura Holt and precious little girls!  I can not wait!  I am counting down the hours until 5!  It will be so good to get away and be with Mrs. Laura!  She is so wonderful!  and the absolute epitome of a Proverbs 31 woman.  She is such an inspiration to me and I am so thrilled about our relationship and how I am able to be closer to her and spend some time listening to her and asking her questions.  It is important in life to find those women that are wiser than you and to sit under them and learn!  Why do you think Alexander the Great was so great?  (besides my incredible paper this summer) He was great because he studied under Aristotle who studied under Plato.  They soaked up the knowledge!  Well I want to be a Proverbs 31 woman for my man :)  So I will sit and soak. and LISTEN!

I will leave you with this:

taken from

With love you can truly find bliss.  And with bliss you will always be charmed!


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