Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My First Ever!!

My friend Bethany Briscoe (now Bethany Toney) was married on Friday last and she had asked me earlier last week to be a guest blogger on her blog while she is gone on her honeymoon!  I was thrilled beyond belief!  I was so happy.  So of course what did I blog about?  Wedding CUPCAKES OF COURSE!!

Seriously!  RIGHT NOW :)

Isn't she a beautiful BRIDE!!!  The wedding was gorgeous!  Like I took notes :)  the Prettiest wedding I have ever been too!  

Oh and they left in a HELICOPTER!!  


My week has been very uneventful and with the loss of the Cardinals I am having an extra hard time coping, but I still believe!  HOWEVER, working in Texas is making it very hard to keep the faith alive!  haha

I went to dinner last night with a friend, more like coffee, but we got to talking about having the opposite spirit and focusing on the Lord's thoughts and not our own.  '

So many times I think that we live life and constantly think about what other's are thinking about us, about what we do , etc...

What are they thinking?

Are they mad I said that?

What did I do wrong?

Why do we think like that?  Well, it's because we have a selfish spirit.  Often times we focus so much energy on not thinking those selfish thoughts - they we are actually doing the same thing, we are NOT consuming our minds and thoughts with the Lord's thoughts, but with the selfish thoughts.

I heard a pastor one time say if you want to think and be pure - you need to bring every thought into the light.  You need to talk about it - God is walking this road with you too, He understands.  So instead of personally going about life thinking  DOn't think that Don't think this - we need to stop and intervene with God.  

Lord, I am thinking negative thoughts about my group in class.  I do not like them and am having a hard time with patience.  - Ok so God isn't happy that we aren't practicing patience, but we are also human - and sometimes it will be hard.  But the fact that you have invited God into those thoughts and you have proclaimed and prayed to God for help - you have had the right attitude about those thoughts.  That is all God asks of us.  

And when those people perturb you.. what do you do - you don't fight back and retaliate. You have the 


That is a great phrase to remember!  


So my mom hosted a shower for one of my friends for her wedding.  It was a HOLIDAY SHOWER!

I got some great ideas from High Heeled Hostess!  She decorates some incredibly cute and very detailed parties!  Go check her out!  

So what you do at a holiday shower is you bring gifts for different holidays so that the Bride and Groom have some what of a "starter kit" for decorating for different holidays.  My mom was so creative in getting decorated for this shower.  She used all different decorations from different holidays - as you can see in the pictures there are 4th of July, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Valentine's Day, Halloween - Mom had a blast decorating!

This was such a fun shower and Natalie, the bride, was so excited by all of her gifts that she received!  

All of the decorations were so cute mashed up together.  Who would have thought decorating with all different holidays would end up being cute.  I thought initially that it would look modge podged and thrown together!  

However, I thought that this turned out so cute!

Hope you get some ideas for your own Holiday-themed party!

I will leave you with this doodle from Homegrown Hospitality.

Follow God always - ask for his guidance, because you can't go wrong when His WILL is what you choose!  God DOES NOT make MISTAKES!!


(Thanks for stopping bY!)

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  1. I love the holiday shower idea! Hehe, how funny would it be if we ran an event coordinating business. :)