Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

I thought I would update you on Tiger Tunes - The EEE's WON!!! woo!

Way to go Brittney and Stephanie - our Song Leaders and Directors.  Below is the winning performance followed by several photos of my weekend in Arkadelphia!

 My Best Friends ever Caitlin and Ashlee... I was informed on Saturday night that Ashlee is number 2 in my life to hear information preceded only by Caitlin - and she is okay with that.  HAHA  my friends keep me accountable in life - and if you don't have friends like them, then add them on Facebook because these girls are great friends!

The Gosser girls Molly Anne and I and then Meg and Gretchen!!  We had so much fun being altogether this weekend at Ouachita!  

This is my pledge class missing a couple of girls which you will see in a later picture.  But these are the girls that attended our EEE Homecoming Tea!  These girls have truly been there through everything for me!  They have seen me morph into the woman that I am and for the most part they have helped or played a very influential part in making me this way!  

This is Kati from Along from the Ryde blog.  She was one of my pledge sisters and one of my dearest friends! As you can see we have done a lot of growing up over the past 5 years.  (LEFT:  TWIRP WEEK FRESHMAN YEAR 08/07 and then RIGHT: THIS PAST WEEKEND)  Her son Ryder is the light of my life - or the light of my life when I am in Conway!  Go on over to her blog and see what is happening!!  She also sells Scentsy - click HERE to see what is new (pumpkin spice scents and holiday warmers - perfect for parties and home decorating) 

 These are the girls from the show - or some of them anyways!  As you can tell the costumes were amazing and legit!  Part of the girls were aliens and the other half were astronauts with of course BIG RED BOWS!! My Favorite part! I hope I have some little girls one day so that I can dress them in cute EEE outfits and put HUGE bows in their hair!  I can't wait!

These are my newest friends Ryan and Joseph!  They did a phenomenal job at hosting Tiger Tunes this year!  They have amazing outstanding voices with personalities to match!  And the best part Joseph is an EEE Beau!  He has recently been inducted to the elite group of women on Ouachita's campus - and I can tell you one thing.. He was super excited!

My cousin Meg with Amy and Anna two of my pledge sisters that couldn't make it into the EEE Tea Picture!!! I love them so much and Amy is getting married in April!!  Can't wait!

And of course you can't have a Tiger Tunes weekend at Ouachita without my sweet family!  I love them so much and doesn't Molly Anne look so cute in her green body suit!  Laura Leigh looks fabulous as always - and my mother... the beauty behind all of us - isn't she beautiful!!


Okat 2 more things to talk about :  ADVOCARE and TIM ALLEN

First of all really quick - i think that tim allen is a very attractive and handsome man - and one day i hope my relationship is like tim the tool man and his wife!  I loved that show and I just think Tim Allen is the sweetest and funniest actor ever.  OVER RYAN REYNOLDS.. I KNOW - SHOCKER!!


I am the newest consultant for Advocare Products.  And I absolutely Love them!!  I have been borrowing my friends Spark drinks for the past 2 weeks!  They are a healthy version of Adderoll or Ritalin.  It engages your mind and sharpens your focus while giving you as much energy as 2 cups of Coffee and it is sugar free.  It has 45 calories and if you like Crystal Light Lemonade packets you will love this stuff!!  It tastes so good!  
Another product I use is Catalyst!  It helps you build muscle tone when you are on a diet and have restricted caloric intake.  The best part about Advocare is that it is solely based on Amino acids and the right types of vitamins and minerals.  There is 24 day cleanse you can do for $175.00 and it is amazing!  The vitamins and minerals really make you feel so much better.  I didn't realize that I wasn't getting the nutrients I needed until I felt like I feel on Advocare.  It is amazing.  I hope you give it a try.  Go to my site and shop and look around and I promise you will not regret trying this stuff!  
However i DO NOT want this to be a buy me use my products site.  I am not about that.  But if you are interested.. or are trying to lose weight or feel better - I would suggest using Advocare!  It is amazing.  

I'll leave you with some inspirational doodles from my friend over at HomegrownHospitality.    All of my doodles that I post on here are hers!! She is so creative! and I LOVE IT!


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