Monday, October 24, 2011


I am a huge baseball fan.  I might not know a whole ton about it, but I do know how to watch a game and I LOVE the Cardinals!!  I am probably like their biggest fan!  One day:  MARK MY WORDS:  I will own the Cardinals!  I am so just kidding, but seriously - if I could.. I so would!  So as you all know I am in Waco -and the World Series was in Arlington this weekend (and tonight tune in to FOX at 7pm Central time to watch Game 5) and so Dad got me a ticket to go!! HOLY COW!! It was the greatest thing ever!  I LOVED IT!!!!  It was like so much fun!!  And I enjoyed every moment of Pujols 3 home runs and the 16-7 run win for the Cardinals!!  The only bad part about it was that last night when I was watching Game 4 - it was sad not being there.  I wish I could have gone - but I definitely got spoiled Saturday Night!!  This is my ticket - it was soooo amazing!!!!  However, I don't really understand the marketing technique used to design the logo this year (Pocohantas anyone? )  I think it looks a little to Colors of the Wind for a baseball game.. but oh well - you don't have to agree with everything I guess!  I am just so fortunate and thankful that I was able to go!  It was a blast!

This the the view from our seats!  I should have gotten more pictures - but I was so into the game that I didn't even think about it!!  Hopefully they will make it to Game 7 so that we can win in St. Louis!!  It would be so amazing to win!  I kept on telling Rangers Fans at the game that commented on my St. Louis shirt - Always a Bridesmaid NEVER the Bride! Needlesstosay they were not too happy with my comment!  

I was a little disappointed in the Lesux Valet Parking - because I got there at 5 and they were ALREADY FULL!!!  what!!  Did people just rent Lexus vehicles so that they could Valet!?  It was crazy.. I ended up parking in a General Parking Lot and the lady said $30 and the sign said $20 so I was like umm the sign says $20 and she said but you are a Cardinals Fan.  She was joking - but it took me a minute.  I guess because I am blonde but I was going to pay the $30 - she could have made money on her little joke to me! HA.

Driving to the Game!!! AHHH I HAVE ARRIVED

It was the best experience ever!!  I loved every minute of it!!  Game 5 the Cardinals are about to DOMINATE!!!!

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