Monday, October 17, 2011

Witch Season Is it Anyways?!?

I went home this weekend and was shocked at the weather.  It was so cold - I could have easily been okay wearing long johns, jeans, long sleeves, north face, and maybe even a knit cap.  Okay the knit cap is probably an exaggeration, but it was cold.  You see I am in Waco - okay I know all of you know this if you are reading my blog, and we don't have seasons in Waco.  We have summer.  That's it.  It's hot all day everyday.  So you can imagine my surprise when my grandmother called me over to see her witches.  Her what?  Yes. I said it, her witches.  So here is how it went....

GrandMolly took me to get my belated Graduation present... 2 beautiful rings from James Avery!  Then I was taking her home and she asked me to come inside and see her witches.  I thought she had gotten a new decoration or something.  I was in for a huge surprise!!! Here was my first witch - sitting on the front porch. 

And then 3 on her front door, 2 on either side and one of the front door banner.  She has obviously decided to celebrate the fall/halloween month of October solely with witches.  And just keep reading - it gets better!  My grandmother took me around the house to see a grand total of 43 witches 5 of which have names.  It was 4 until I named my favorite.  You see the Turner granddaughters, I say granddaughters because there are no grandsons!  My cousin Emilee will be have a baby boy and it will be the first boy to be born in the Turner Family in 52 years (since my dad in 1959) WOOO!  So back to the witches.  

The Turner granddaughters like to "claim" items in GranMolly's House haha - so I claimed that witch.. I really liked it:)  So the witches you are about to see are the witches I think are the cutest and most unique.  GranMolly talked about each witch as if she knew them.  What a fun way to celebrate a Holiday - really getting to know your decorations.  She talked about their faces and what she thought they were doing.  She loved how animated they were and I thought it was a very unique way to decorate.  She has a great imagination - I hope I don't ever let my imagination wither...  Take this witch for instance.  Look at her face.  She doesn't look scary or mean - she looks like she is having a great time riding her bike!  GranMolly imagined her going to the store to get toads and spiders to make her Halloween stew!  See!  What an imagination!

 This is her whole house if you look closely you can see all of the witches - now these are only the ones that I can pick out right now looking at a blurry photo... Keep scrolling to see all of them!

Okay here is the table behind the couch and you can that there are like 6 on the table.  The really cool thing I like about the moon is that it is like those plates you can change the occasion and it says Happy Everything on it and you can change the occasion?? 

Well it comes with a Santa and an Egg and a Heart for the different holidays!  How cool right?  She says she has been collecting witches for about 12 years and has gotten them everywhere from Tuesday Morning to Eureka Springs to Branson even Hobby Lobby.   What a cool thing to collect!

These two are my favorite and GranMolly could not stop talking about these two.  They are her newest additions to the collection.  She found these two cuties in a magazine and ordered them.  Their names are Annabelle and Agatha.  She loves them.  She even animates them herself by setting them on cookie jars and Agatha on a wine bottle to give them a certain "demeanor" as she called them.  So funny! 

Isn't she so cute how she decorates?  I love how in this one she has put fall leaves around it.  She definitely has a knack for decorating.  This next witch is one that she got all of her granddaughters who had houses to decorate. 

 Imagine my surprise when I pulled this one out of a box at my house.  I wasn't expecting it at all and then suddenly I have a creepy looking nutcracker witch staring out me.  It is now on our coffee table.  I have to admit I am not a decorator like my grandmother - but who cares.  I have a little bit of her in my house and that is all that matters.  I am blessed to have her!

This next witch GranMolly got at Eureka Springs and she said that she named if after her high school friend Gracie because it has red hair and glasses and so did Gracie.  This one is in her bedroom because she is reading and GranMolly likes to read at night!  How precious is my grandmother!  

GranMolly made sure I knew that this witch (which was very glittery - I LOVE IT) was carrying a candy corn piece - not an egg.  HAHA Sometimes you just got to love your grandmother and what she says!  You can't do anything but smile!  She is adorable!

And finally.  Here she is!
My sweet precious GranMolly (my dad's mother) holding Tabatha (the witch I named).  I love this one because of her velvet stick legs and her glittery curly tinsel she is holding in her hand.  I can't wait to decorate with this witch one day!

I love my grandmother!  Let me tell you something about my grandmother - she is a fighter.

About a year ago Labor Day GranMolly took a trip with her best friends to NYC. This is an annual trip for her every year.  However, this trip - she didn't feel very good.  What began as some stomach pains turned into a puss pocket in her organs.  She was rushed to an Upper East Side Hospital and taken straight to surgery to remove the pocket.  However, her doctor's didn't know that her stomach lining was so thin because of Diverticulitis that they would not be able to remove the pocket but needed to suction it out.  They ended up having to take half of her kidney and some more of her organs (that you don't need of course) out of her body.  My grandmother, as you can tell, is a very thin frail woman.  She lost a lot of weight and weighed in around 60 pounds.  That is not healthy.  Over the course of 4 months GranMolly battled poor health and a weak body and on Thanksgiving Wednesday she returned home.  I can still remember it!  We ate Thanksgiving dinner on her bed.  She was put into the hospital again in the spring because her wounds were becoming infected and a scary case of Staph almost killed her.  But this Labor Day 2011 she braved the Big Apple again and she won!  She even went to China Town and brought all of her granddaughters and one great-granddaughter a surprise back!  She is a fighter...

So when the Lord says:  

Be strong and have strength of heart. Do not be afraid or shake with fear because of them. For the Lord your God is the One Who goes with you. He will be faithful to you. He will not leave you alone.” Deuteronomy 31:6 

He means it!!  God is going to be faithful! And he was.  And now we get to watch her celebrate Halloween with all of her witches!  

Be charmed and be inspired!

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  1. I have never seen her before, so I wasn't sure which one she was! & then you said your dad's mom & I was like "that's the one that got sick in NYC!" & i was right! I'm SERIOUSLY impressed with her ability to still decorate her house like she has...& to travel to NYC again! I hope I am living a life as full as hers at her age!