Thursday, July 21, 2011

Beach fun - more like chill time!

Bethany and I are having a blast at the beach!!! And we have created a phrase "it's all about the blog!" so I have been taking good pictures all day and thinking I could so blog about this! Enjoy these pictures!!! And there is a surprise ending!!

My dad is good at a lot of things especially lawyer stuff, but one thing a judge wouldn't know he is good at is cooking breakfast! This is an egg sandwich he made for himself! No worries I made my own breakfast... Rude! Haha just kidding, we are having oatmeal most mornings!

Nom nom nom: holy cow we were watching just married this morning and they said nomnomnomit was so random but hilarious because we havebeen talking about it all week and using it!!! Funny huh!

As promised pictures of our hollywood gym!! Amazing!

There are big screens everywhere!! Today on the elliptical I was watching 3 different sports channels ::: Heaven!!!

The bathroom! I was in love with this leather ottoman!

Me working out!!!

A stretch limo hummer truck thing! Dad said for
Me to tell you not to ever ride in these because they are built on 3 frames and if someone were to t-bone you, it would split the limo in half! Dad said he had a case were 2 people died from that! YIKES!

My Mickey mouse family stickers!!! Love it!

Our dinner tonight!!! Fries and burgers!! Love it!

Watermelon by the gallon! Haha whole new meaning!

My dad throwing up the deuces! He is the craziest ever!!! But he is the greatest cook ever! He makes the best shrimp too.

Beth and me eating cheese dip! Again my dad makes it! He adds sausage! It's amazing!

Laura Leigh jumped in someones fountain on our golf cart ride. Haha it was so funny we dared her and he actually did it!

Tomorrow we are waking up to see the dolphins at 6 am and then running to Starbucks and then headed to the outletsto shop!! I'm so excited!! Polo here I come!

Here is your surprise!! My boyfriend (it is so fun to say that) Taylor with his cousin Harper! Adorable!! I love it!

Have a great day!!

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