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Better Late Than Never! Saturday Night Competition

Okay - so I am way way way behind on this blog.  Sunday and Monday were just very eventful and one day I will share those days with you, but today is all about Saturday.  The day - the mall - the crowning.  Who made top 10?  Do you have any feedback?  what do you do backstage while they compete?  Are you sad?  Are you coming back?  All of those questions will be answered as you read this blog tonight, tomorrow, or whenever you might be reading it.

Saturday morning we had to wake up extra early for rehearsal - but no worries Katie Stam, Miss America 2008 joined us so we were all very excited!  Group A decided that we were going to perform a little skit at roll call - so we did and it was hilarious!! Everybody loved it!  Our chaperones handed out chaperone boogie on Friday afternoon - we knew none I mean not ONE of the songs - so we decided to make a contestant boogie and hand it out on Saturday to our chaperones!  They loved that part too.  Watch our video to see the Group A skit - it's at the very beginning.

We went to rehearsal and thankfully, by the grace of God, we were let out early.  That gave us a whole 2 hours to get ready for the Mall day and rest.  I didn't rest, I packed.

So we headed to the mall and it was so much fun - we really weren't rushed like we were last year - so that was good. Autograph signing was fun!  I just have a blast with my friends - especially my Miss Arkansas friends.

After the signing we went back to the Austen and rested until it was time to do hair and makeup for that night.  My hair lady, Robin, brought her adorable little girl named Rafi - she is a chunk chunk, but she is a beautiful brown eyed chunk chunk! SHe is also on the video.

So the real story you are waiting for:  THE NIGHT OF!

Standing out on stage waiting for the Top 10 to be called we are so pumped and adrenaline is racing through your veins!!  So they called Top 10.  I was so excited because 3 of my OBU girls (Ouachita Baptist University) made it to the Top 10!  Bethany Whitfield, Lauren English, and Kristen Glover (the new Miss Arkansas 2011).

So they call Top 10 and all of the remaining girls head backstage to see the table full of food consisting of doritios, chips and cheese dip and salsa, Cookies, CUPCAKES, candy bars (the mini kind), coke, sprite, water, bugles!!  - oh my word - a note on these bugles - they are caramel bugles!!! they were soo good!

So the remaining girls get to sit in the viewing room and watch and eat - it is just amazing.

Then we finally hear the winner called:  Kristen Glover Miss Ouachita Baptist University - we all knew it was coming.  It was so sweet.  And Kristen will make an excellent Miss Arkansas.  Her clothes were great all week - I am going to try and get some more pictures of her wardrobe because it was amazing from Creative Touch Photography out of Jonesboro.  Ashley George is the photographer there - and she is absolutely amazing and a great girl!  I have loved having her around this past week taking pictures - she is super sweet.

The Top 10 girls were a great group of girls.  Very strong, talented, consistent competitors - very worthy of being in the Top 10.  I was not shocked at all.  I did however, have my favorites, and a couple of them did not make the top 10 - but only 10 can make it.

Even though I did not make top 10 - I am definitely trying to come back next year!  I love Miss Arkansas and I love these girls.  Most importantly, I love my state!  I am headed to Texas for grad school - and I can't even imagine doing any other state pageant than Miss Arkansas.  I love it!

After the pageant - we had a party in the Embassy Suites.  All of my friends and family were there and we had pizza, chik fil a, cokes, and of course cupcakes!  I loved it!  It was so much fun seeing everybody and getting to just chill!  It was soo good to see all of my friends and talk to them about the pageant and thank them in person for their support and encouragement.

So my verse from the beginning of the week:  2 Chronicles 15:7 Be strong and courageous in the Lord, and he will reward you.

Even though I didn't win the crown, I still know I made a difference in at least one girl's life this week.  I wanted to be joyful, exuberant, and lively.  I wanted to make sure that they other 35 girls that didn't make top 10 knew that they had a great week and want to fight hard to come back next year.  It's not all about winning, yes that would be fantastic if we could all be the winner - but it's about memories and making them.

I am glad that I was able to share this journey online with so many of you!  It has been a fun and exciting week.  I hope my videos show that we had a blast and that we are all best friends.  I hope that you can see the good side of the pageant system. We are NOT toddlers and tiaras - we are intelligent and beautiful women who aspire to change people's lives and volunteer for organizations that mean something to us!

That is what Miss Arkansas is about.

Enjoy the pictures!!!!

Me with my camera - all week - I thought that this was appropriate for the blog!

Katie Stam, Miss America 2008, our Emcee for the evening!

Me with Alyse - I ended up winning Miss Congeniality... I was shocked!

Miss Arkansas 2011, Kristen Glover


My sister and I, Molly Anne!! She is amazing!

Kathryn, me, and Allie at the Autograph party - we had a blast!  Red Velvet and Cream Cheese sandwich (our hair)

I love these 2 girls - Rianne and Ashley - love my SAU girls!!!

my best friends for life - the EEE's check out the pledge Classes that love me!! :)

My sister Molly Anne with some of her pledge sisters - supporting me!! I love it!

My fake Cousin - but I love her!! Love you Lauren!!!

Cousins all around! I love the Mafia!

The 700 club.  Gotta love it!

Jessica decided she wanted to crown me - she was so precious i wish we would have gotten this on video!

The mafia - or some of it!!!

At practice Saturday morning - I told you it was a rough practice!

TOP 10!!! wooo - 
Lindsey Ahrens, Bethany Whitfield, Lauren English, Somer Allen, Sloane Roberts, Candace Carr, Kristen Glover, Simone Mullinax, Tracey Neal, and Amy Crain

On the bus headed to the mall for the autograph party!

Princesses and their queens!!!!

My friends with me at the mall day!

Katie Stam - Beautiful!

Favorite contestant - or one of them!!! we look like twins kind of!

Backstage - last night!! with one of our dancers!

again with brick! love her!

Had to throw this one in - I love Meagan!!!!  

Hope you have enjoyed my blog!  Check out the YOutube video!!! at


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