Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My chill week has begun!

Okay, so after a week at Miss Arkansas one needs a bit of a break. So my family came to Destin! It has been a blast so far. I brought one of my best friends with me, well she kind of invited herself, but I'm so glad she did!!! It's been so fun thus far!!

Here is our story in pictures!!!

First we went to Target so Molly Anne could pick up some care package needs for her "friend" Patrick that is in the navy right now! As we were waiting : McKenzie, my cousin sees this card and the first thing she says is "man wouldn't you hate to be the model for this card!" hahaha are you serious!! I mean how Many times have u seen these cards and how many times do you think that!! Never!! She has been that funny the whole trip!!

This morning I was craving blueberry stuff so I made blueberry muffins, except we didnt have a muffin pan so we used a bundt Pan and made a Cake type thing! I adde extra blueberrys!

It looked wonderful!!!

Until I couldn't get it out havent really mastered that yet!

After breakfast, my dad took me and beth to the gym. This is how my dad keeps up with everything! I HEFTY zip lock! Talk about tacky! But I guess whatever floats your boat!

This is our gym in Destin.. On the inside it looks like a Hollywood gym! I'll post pictures tomorrow!

After workout we stopped at the seafood market! Favorite place in destin! Dad picks up crab salad, tuna salad, and 4 pounds of fresh shrimp!! YUM!

The raw fish! Please remember we just worked out!!

All of the variety of fish that they offer! You should go if you r ever in Destin!!

Headed to HarborDocks for dinner! Bethany, me, sister Molly Anne

Blackened Red Snapper! Yes please! It was soo good!

Caroline, McKenzie, and Laura Leigh at harbor docks

Then we went and saw Monte Carlo in a ghetto theater! But it was very Disney channel, but it was cute!! I love this yellow dress!! Agh it's yummy

Hope you enjoyed our day!!

See you tomorrow!

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